Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Which One to Get?

S10 vs iPhone XS Max – In-Depth Comparison before launch!
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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Which One to Get?”

  1. GP Me

    1:40 so the camera hole blocks a peice of the video … exactly what I was afraid of with this no notch bullshit. You could miss a critical piece of a show or movie with that camera cut out in the fucking way.

  2. asiankid902

    Apple has good phones, not as great innovation as Android, but it will get the job done.

    Dont Get Macs, they're trash, get windows computers instead.

  3. drakeanton2000

    Why compare a next generation Samsung to the last generation IPhone. The actual somparison should be the next iPhone here. And btw the hole punch is disgusting.

  4. Hey I like memes oof

    Samsung beat Apple in phone sales back in 2011 and last year sold way more phone than Apple it's clear many people myself included have turned there attention to Samsung this was written on my S8 I am upgrading to a S10 later this year

  5. Joe Dangerfield

    I've been using the GS5 for five years and upgraded to the S10 this year. I'm really amazed how far Samsung went. Now I'm very happy with the S10. Truly a beast!

  6. malekinception

    The problem with samsung is google. If samsung was able to step away from google and make their own legit OS "not tizen", they would have a strong ecosystem. Google isnt good at optimising android nor are they good at making a seamless experience, this coming from a pixel user.


    I have macbook pro and Ipad pro, but for smartphone, there is no doubt to choose Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Watch. The Samsung Pay also work better than Apple Pay. —-From my Galaxy S10+

  8. Jacques Machado-Steinman

    The S10 is really amazing but I’m so deep into the Apple ecosystem that I can’t change without having to completely change the way my home setup works. Brilliant move by Apple to keep existing customers locked in. No one else has been able to do this as yet.

  9. b747xx

    The snapdragon is more custom rom friendly, I think.

    S10 to replace my… S3 could be nice but again, the S3 still do what I need it to do (It does have a new XLarger 4200mah battery)

  10. Elvin P

    S20 10G will have 8 cameras. I discovered this by using extremely hard calculations. If S10 5G has 4, double that and S20 10G has 8 cameras.

  11. Anibal Mictil

    I felt for this time of reviews when I went with the Surface Book (at the time it had soooo many more features than a Mac book) but in reality ended up selling it because I didn’t us it that much. UI and seamless Eco System is soooo important. I work whit a Mac Book, iPad and iPhone all day and they complement each other seamlessly and I can share instantly anything with each other. When I had the Surface it was just there and having to find a way to share from phone to computer was too much hassle. He says it at the end, can’t beat Apple eco system (at least for now).

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