Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Note 9 – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy Note 9 speed test comparison! Should you upgrade?

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Sennheiser AVX ME2 Lav Mic:

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45 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Note 9 – Speed Test!”

  1. Carl Sadaphal

    I love both phones and on video the notch on s10+ really bothers me but I saw it in rl and it doesn’t bother me but it’s very expensive!!! 7000 dollars for it but I like the note 9 more and it’s 5500 which is still expensive but I’m almost there in savings XD

  2. Nyan Cat

    S10e or S10? I want the extra features but thers no way im paying 900 bucks for a phone… So I guess im just gonna have to wait for price drops or go with the 10e.

  3. Peter 99

    Hello , i have a problem with my note 9 i hope anyone can help me , when i bought it i used to take 2x optical zoom with telephoto lens they looked great , but when i installed android pie it takes them with the main lens and they looked not good as they used to be , any solution for this?

  4. Ah Fr

    Idk why but even the slowest phones launch apps within a few seconds definitely in less than 5 seconds but still newer generation phones are for 1 second or more , faster than their predecessors Im sure people are being deceived

  5. S - Hicks6

    I have a note 9 and was wondering what kinda screen time y'all are getting? I feel like mine isn't the greatest at around 5 hours co pared to some of my friends on the newer IPhones

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