Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Pocophone F1 – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Pocophone F1 speed test comparison! Which is faster in pubg?

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Gear to make this video:
Sony A6500 Camera:
Sony 16-50mm Kit Lens:
Sennheiser AVX ME2 Lav Mic:

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Background music, if applicable:
beatsbyNeVs – Dark Mage [FREE DL]:

39 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Pocophone F1 – Speed Test!”

  1. Zakki

    And i watchng on my poco f1 and still if have enough money to buy s10 i dont wanna buy it, because it only keeps me from worrying if it falls and the screen is cracked and it will need a lot more money to replace it. And yeah I never worried when carrying this pocophone

  2. Adi Gold

    I used Pocophone F1 for about 3 months until I got Samsung Galaxy S10 from my workplace. As a budget phone the F1 is perfect. the camera is great and it has very high performance for its price. the S10 is a premium phone, it looks better and lighter on the hand.
    But I would still buy the F1 only because its price suits better for me.

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