Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs S9 Plus – Camera Test

Is it worth upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus based on its camera, here’s my thought and in-depth review of the camera on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs S9 Plus – Camera Test”

  1. LiVe TrAdE

    Do not buy s10 and s10 plus. The camera is so bad. S8/s8 plus, s9/s9 plus cameras are way more better… I switched from s8 plus to s10, then disappointed by camera performance… Now I m using s9 plus… really I tell u s8 plus and s9 plus are epic

  2. MrMr Gaming

    Noticed this before, the S10 a bit washed out and in sound night shots/videos, I have see lights get blown out vs the S9.
    I think this is because like other firms, there is a push on low light/night time shots (even though we hardly take them) and this focus on more light is blowing stuff out.

  3. Julien Katsuhito

    Great comparison. I think for most users the quality of the pictures are nearly identical that most won't notice the difference. The killer feature is the wide-angle lens. I own a s9plus and I have external wide-angle lens which I attach to it to for wide-angle shots. Without the need to carry a wide-angle lens is so great.

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