Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs S9 Plus – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy S9 Plus speed test comparison!

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs S9 Plus – Speed Test!”

  1. Alex Alucard

    S9+ almost the same as S10+
    S11 might be the real deal to upgrade especially with 5G coming out. If not the S12 will surely be a great update from the S9+

  2. Mark K

    The Galaxy S10 is an awesome phone but that doesn't mean the s9 is old or bad no its still a completely nice phone that will get the job done.

  3. Breion Bethel

    Considering its a year old… I'll pass on s10. Maybe 11. Also understand the s9+ is full of cache/data and been used up. To be within unoticeable differences with that, i'll stay with s9+. Not worth $1000 upgrade.

  4. Sonny Wolf

    Thanks for the review, speed difference are so little, insignificant. I'll keep my S9+ wait for the S11 or S12. beside My S9+ is better looking, like symmetrical of my S9+ . don't care bezel-less screen at all. bezel-less is dumb, one drop and dome…I dropped my S9+ over 10 times with Speigen case still unharmed

  5. Alberto Duarte

    S9 plus es mejor yo lo compre porque ya serían de los últimos teléfonos bellos y con lo último de la tecnología que ya conocemos..pero mejorada ..mi hermano compro el s10 plus y no se si me equivoco pero me parece que en la pantalla de mi s9 las imágenes se ven mejor…dynamic amoled vs super amoled mmmmmm pantalla se ve como barata obvio no hablo de la resolución…si no de la pantalla en general.

  6. T3CHGY007

    there is really not much differance to upgrade to the s10 plus from the s9 plus for everyday use! now if you had the s8 plus, then that would be a totally differant story

  7. Biram Bachir

    I was using the S9+ and now i got this new S10+ and i can tell u that there's no comparaison needed to know if the S10+ is the best or not! It's far the best one

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