Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – 3 Weeks Later

Samsung Galaxy S10 review after 3 weeks of daily use.
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Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 live up to the hype? How does the S10 stack up on the smartphone value meter? I’m thinking of switching to the Galaxt S10e next in order to find out which Galaxy S10 is the best deal.

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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – 3 Weeks Later”


    My galaxy S10 completely died after a couple weeks. It was fine when I went to bed. woke up and I can not get it to do anything. Buyer beware. this will be the last Samsung product I am buying. I am so disappointed. who cares about the features of the phone if it will not turn on at all. Now I am without a phone for 4 business days (6 days including the weekend) until they can get me a replacement. If you rely on your phone like I do, I would not recommend this phone as it seems extremely unreliable. Hopefully my next one will last longer than 15 days. Once I started looking, it seems this is a big problem and one person was saying he was the 4th person that day to warranty out a s10 at bestbuy due to the same reasoning. TRASH.

  2. Joshhua Canny

    I’d rather have a notch . Hate the camera being in the screen . Hope HTC brings back the front facing boom sound stereo speakers . I’m a htc fan . Can’t afford them anymore though. ?

  3. Karl David

    I think it is a good idea if you are going to switch next to the GS10e so that we can conclude if buying it will be the better option. $1,000 hurts a lot.

  4. Jay Louis

    Brand new $1300 phone isn't able to connect to my AVH-W4400NEX with android auto WIRELESSLY…

    I think its fine time Samsung stop putting premium price tags on outdated software. If you're going to charge this much for a phone I shouldn't be limited by what I can do due to software limitations. Other cheaper phones are able to do this. Why can't Samsung flagship devices do this too?

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