Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S1 – 10 YEARS LATER Comparison!

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S1. 10 Year later comparison 2019.Galaxy S original i9000 to the beast S10 Plus 10th Anniversary. Looking back at where it all started S10 vs S1. Design, Camera, Performance How much 10 years have changed the game!


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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S1 – 10 YEARS LATER Comparison!”

  1. Stargaze79

    Galaxy S is the phone I'm still using. I received it as a present from my mother shortly before the S2 came out. Do you guys think it's time for me to upgrade?

  2. WeLmSoN

    Nothing changes if we take the differense between 2000 and 2010 its gonna be more global more innovative, now we not inventing new, we just trying to make things that we already have a little bit better

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