Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Galaxy S9 — Hands-on comparison

They might look similar at first glance, but the Galaxy S10 is a different beast than its predecessor. Hayato compares Samsung’s latest flagship to last year’s Galaxy S9.

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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Galaxy S9 — Hands-on comparison”

  1. X YZ

    I prefer the S9. Which genius thought it would be a good idea to have a hole in the screen on the S10? It would drive me nuts. And for what? It only saves a couple of millimetres at the top of the screen. It's not like the S9 had a thick black bar at the top of the screen. I also prefer the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone with the ability to swipe down for notifications. An S9 with more RAM, ROM and a better camera would have made for a better S10.

  2. Ms. Tinka

    My s9 have not been able to update since I bought the phone a year ago, and just recently deleted all my pics, and videos on on. I can't wait to get rid of this phone and get an s10

  3. Erik-Martijn

    Not much to improve these days. S9 now half the price S10 makes the S9 the best deal. Ps. Feb-19 Galaxy S9 on T-Mobile contract 24*15=€360,-Samsung 100 cashback makes €260, – for S9?

  4. idk

    Coming from an iphone 6s, I was dead set on the s9 before I ever considered getting the s10. But after learning more about the s10 it's a much tougher choice..

  5. David Martrano

    I use the s9+ and very happy with the performance. Will I upgrade? On the fence and I don't know if I like the punch hole effect? HDR10+ sounds great but is it really that much better than my nine? Maybe if I had an older model but for now I think I'll keep what I have!

  6. ilyos i

    Ultrasonic fingerprint is superfast. You have not explored it that well ? don't hold the finger too long, just a touch and let it go. Its instantaneous.

  7. Igor Teller

    Do not rush to replace the Galaxy S8 or S9 to 10 it is not worthwhile,
    As long as Samsung does not develop its bixby for more languages there is no point in buying the s10,
    Not all users of Galaxy speak Italian Spanish or Japanese?.

  8. root9065

    Thanks for keeping it real guys. Looks like that Samsung money is out to all the tech reviewers to hype the new handsets and incentivize previous generation owners to upgrade promptly!

  9. mmp5959

    Can someone tell me how the audio is compared to s10? Since there is no bezel… there is no speaker on the front by the camera anymore ????

  10. icey

    The S9 fingerprint on the back would be good if it wasnt so close to the camera, big reason why i prefer the in-screen one.

  11. hundio88

    My s9+ still going strong. Since the s10 added the hole and then fingerprint sensor not working with screen protectors is why I'm skipping this one for now. I wait until the note 10 or next years galaxy.

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