Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs Galaxy S9 Speed Test !!!

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S9 Speed Test. Can the Galaxy S9 slay the beast? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Speed Test. A full speed comparison between Snapdragon 855 Chipset (8GB RAM) Vs Snapdragon 845 Chipset (4GB RAM) including apps opening, RAM Management, browsing, boot up, & geek bench 4 score (2019 vs 2018). Which is faster?

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44 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs Galaxy S9 Speed Test !!!”

  1. C7

    Why is your S9's animation so laggy? You should probably do a HARD RESET before doing a speed test. OBVIOUSLY if you've been using the S9 for a year or so it will be A LOT SLOWER

  2. Altema22

    You should send that S10 back for replacement… it has a hole in the screen!
    Just kidding, but it's interesting that the two are so close in speed.
    What's also interesting is that the HTC U12 Plus, from last year, running at QHD+, is faster than both of these.
    Did you have the screen resolution set the same? The S9 and S10 default to 1080p.

    The amount of RAM does not affect initial loading speed, unless the RAM is full and needs to unload space. RAM size differences usually show up when you go back to see which apps are still held in memory.

  3. MOP

    maybe factory reset the s9 before doing a boot comparison. Having a bunch of apps installed on the phone along with pictures and everything else is going to make it massively slow in comparison to new.

  4. Bo Bo

    S10 faster! Wow!! And what? You wait 3 seconds more with S9 for a game and you have a much better dyspaly with much better saturation and colour more realistic.

  5. Erik-Martijn

    Yeah well who gives about a millisecond extra loading time. S9 still a great phone and at 1/3 of the S10 price on a contract it's the best deal by far.

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