Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs Huawei P30 Pro comparison english 4k

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro comparison – we check in a first comparison the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro. The Galaxy S10 vs P30 Pro in english and 4k shows where each smartphone has it’s benefits and wether or not the Huawei P30 Pro might be the new Smartphone king.

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  1. David Martrano

    Does the P30pro have the super steady mode for shooting videos, of course not. A 1080p display on a thousand dollar phone, huh? I'll take my s10plus anyday, everyday!

  2. jobox3000

    So basically, the huawei have a great camera. Thats nice but i rather have have great phone and awesome optimazation with my s10+ and with HDR + quality videos with dual stereo speakers dolby atmos (hell yeah), better UI. I mean its a no brainer for me.


    i like the punch hole.The only one with headphone jack is samsung. The hole punch looks better because its of to the side,the notch is in the center and i dont like it. If the put a notch on the left of display it would look stupid and that's why the hole punch is genius. i like the new oneplus 7 and it has a motorized camera that pops out. I like that because i don't use the front camera much and hackers can't look through it when its in the cell.

  4. Stefan Constantinescu

    I only had Samsungs until I bought Mate 20 Pro last year. Gouorgeous, fantastic piece of engineering. BUT, SOFTWARE …. 2 years behind Apple and Samsung. I just switched back to S10+ and I feel I just came back HOME from a log, interesting journey. Software Samsung KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT AND WHAT I KNEED
    S10+ vs Mate 20 Pro :
    Way Way better = video, speakers, headphone jack, oneui, autorotate sensor ( way more responsive and intuitive) , aod ( way better implementation and options ) , panorama photos, image ( nobody asked my about my Mate 20 pro but almost everybody ask me about my s10 )
    just better = daylight photos, ultrawide photos, weight – lighter, resale value, display in sunlight, heart rate sensor, darkmode, photo sugestion mode – just addictive, in display fingerprint sensor – way faster but no wet finger as they pretend ,

    Mate 20 Pro vs S10+ :
    Way Way better = battery ( battery life, ultrafast charging both wired and wireless. This I MISS THE MOST . They say comparable battery life but, Mate 20 Pro has way way better battery life NO MATTER what video comparison pretend. That was my experience as I have them both), night mode photos, zoom photos, ergonomics of buttons, SIGNAL – way way better signal call reception, wi fi, LTE, bluetooth – it just flies. Speed – born fast stay fast – as I am a heavy heavy user, after 5 months of intensive usage, my Mate 20 Pro works as fast as new. That has never happend to me with no Samsung before

    Just better = IR blaster, sharper photos, cheaper, more natural photos.

    I chose S10+ for : Speakers, ONEUI, ultrawide and panorama photos , video recording
    I miss the most battery ( life and charging time )
    This apply somehow to P30 Pro as it has a superior zoom camera and night mode. But software, speakers etc – still Huawei
    I feel like Huawei = a Ferrari with a regular driver and Samsung = Golf GTI with a real Pilot
    Huawei = fabulous hardware, poor implementation
    Samsung = just great hardware but excellent implementation to take the most out of it
    That is my experience. Eather way both are TOP NOTCH – way way over Lg, Xiaomi, One+ etc etc

  5. happios

    I’m a 10 year Apple user and the Huawei P30 pro is really tempting. No phone is perfect, it really depends on what you use it for. I’ve watched every single Samsung s10+ and Huawei P30 pro videos and I’ll break it down the pros and cons of each.

    What Huawei is better at : low light, zoom, brighter sensors, more natural and less saturated colors, unique dual focal length video, better AI imaging, more detailed selfie image, better image stabilization with osi and Ai, better macro imaging, faster finger print scanner, longer lasting battery, more efficient file system, faster in launching apps

    What Samsung is better at : better quality screen, higher resolution screen, better wide angle lens, 60fps vs 30fps @ 4K, better selfie camera for video @4k , better slow motion, better UI, fingerprint scanner works with wet fingers and it’s more secure

    I might have missed some but those are generally the differences. And I would say both are good phones and you are pretty much nitpicking at this point. Samsung is a better general purpose/overall phone. Huawei is geared toward photography and it’s pretty much unrivaled. So it comes down to preference and what you use it for.

    I travel a lot so I need better battery life over higher screen resolution. I take a lot of pictures of landscape photos, so zoom capability is important for me. Mainly I’m just disappointed with apple. They have fallen behind so much that my iPhone XS Max feels outdated.

  6. Cyriel_Cookie

    Not sure what to buy.. i don’t mind having a few less pixels in my screen or having a mini jack. I feel like the P30 is a better choice considering the camera etc..

  7. CRM Potential

    I’ve used Apple for the past 8 years…..I’m going to purchase the Samsung s10+

    Huawei has a much lower resale value…and a digital zoom doesn’t mean much

    Furthermore, if your going to buy a phone for the camera, then the google pixel series phones are the best that anyone can buy for camera junkies

    Oh, and don’t forget, the Samsung display quality beats any phone screen on the market today….

    Samsung hands down

  8. Vahnglenn

    Fhd+ display only vs s10s wqhd+, no hdr10+, no stereo speakers or earpiece speaker grill, no headphone jack, no dolby atmos, no 4k 60 fps video, no super steady video, oneui vs that crappy huawei software. No its not difficult to choose. S10 wins all day.

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