Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs iPhone XR! (Comparison) (Review)

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 just came out, so lets see how it compares to the iPhone XR!

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44 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs iPhone XR! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. Virtually Ensatished

    The only difference being, the iPhone will remain as fresh after five years also and Samsung will be a garbage. I can say this because I’m still using iPhone 6plus and it runs butter smooth.

  2. A Pags

    So I have an s7 right now but i'm thinking of switching soon. My girlfriend has the XR and my nephew has the s10 so I've messed around on both a tiny bit. One thing that concerns me is when zooming in on a photo on a s10 it gets distorted or blurry or whatever but on the XR it maintains quality which kinda concerns me for the s10. Also it seems like the quality just comes out a little better on the XR than the s10 unless it's just a setting that I used that made it worse. Any more advice on which to get? The price isn't a concern for me or even if it's just a regular iPhone 10 or whatever

  3. LegionarCRO

    i have samsung a5 for almost 4 years, is still fast like first day I bought it 😀
    but its time for change and in 2 days I will buy iphone xr
    thanks for great video !

  4. Kevin Solgaard

    I used an iPhone 6S for 3 years, and upgraded to a Huawei P20. After four months i have now sold it, and i am going for iPhone Xr. I just didn’t enjoy the overall experience of android, or at least the Huawei that much.. all the possibilities for customisation were very much fun, until i realized i couldn’t find a homescreen to settle with haha. I didn’t like the overall look of the operating system either. Now that I’m back with the 6S temporarily, i must admit the old iPhone is actually still a smoother experience to navigate through, even though it was released a few years before the P20. For instance, if i get a snap i just tap the notification, and then open the snap, takes like 1 second overall, but no the P20 it would take three

  5. Abraham Zorger

    I'm having a major problem using the Galaxy S10 my problem is when I am on the phone after one minute the phone goes dark and I do not see any notifications if I receive a text or a message or anything I wouldn't know i could stay on the phone for an hour and I'm very uncomfortable not knowing who's texting who's emailing me you don't get any notification it's not like the pixel that goes into the always on display mode

  6. Recyclops

    Android always has some bullshit ass apps that crash your phone or give it problems. I love the whole iTunes and the way everything and app just links to your phone with apple.

  7. alex safir

    Samsung always will be a cheap chinese for me.i use samsung for 2 years and after 6 mouths i had a lot of problems with him.i will never ever buy a samsung

  8. ella v

    I like a lot your voice and video … so I subscribe ?… much Succes :)! p.s. i watch on S10 and i lv this phone , DEX works great, very good for me… my second phone is iphone SE , still great in many ways …

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