Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max: Your move, Apple

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Joshua Vergara looks at the Samsung Galaxy S10+ in comparison to the iPhone XS Max. Does Samsung set the bar, and will Apple be able to meet it with their current offering?


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48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max: Your move, Apple”

  1. TiGER [OGW]

    Samsung is very tempting but I think I’ll stick with iOS and buy the iPhone XS Max.

    I had a bad experience with the galaxy 7s edge.
    It always lags and heats up very quickly, same thing happened with my first phone which was an android. Androids tend to heat up and the battery dies quickly quickly because of that.
    So far had much better experience with my old iPhone 4 and kinda old iPhone 6.
    Maybe sometime in the future I’ll go back to android but for now for what matters to me in a phone, the Apple seems to be doing a better job.

  2. AntwanDHJ

    I remapped my Bixby button to turn on "do not disturb" on my S9+. Not as helpful as a full toggle, but more useful than Bixby, by a long shot.

  3. Nathan Miller

    At 1:49, You can change that display feature on the s10, to make it easier to drop that notification or quick access bar! In fact it's Better AND Faster over the iPhone 10!!!


  4. Lamar Taylor

    These videos aren't honest and you haven't mentioned the biggest flaw with Samsung phones…app optimization. I own the iPhone Max and GS10 Plus for business. The GS10 has a better screen but all apps look better and run smoother on the iPhone because apps are optimized for the iPhone but are ports for Samsung phones. The GS10 Plus can't even run most movie apps in full screen like Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ, Encore, EPIX, or even ESPN but the iPhone can. That makes the iPhone the better user experience for movies and gaming. The GS10 Plus is a great phone that checks the boxes on paper but too many apps and games aren't optimized.

  5. Erenst Lawyer

    Hey Joshua,
    I’ll jump right in…why are there so many comparisons of old tech to new tech…and expect a fare none bias out come…
    The Apple 2018 Xs Max has 2018 tech in it…where the Samsung 2019 S10 has 2019 tech in it…
    So why don’t we wait for the 2019 iPhone to come out…with it’s three camera setup and other tech for 2019…and then do a more even playing field comparison…because…at the moment…you are comparing apples and oranges…(no pun intended)…
    …and also…Samsung may pack a lot of options in there products…but they come off a little gimmicky…and are not tried and true tech…
    …however…Tim Cook does drag his feet on innovation…and is always late to the tech party…but…Apple always win the best dress prize…with their more polished tech in their devices…but I digress…
    Joshua have the great rest of your day…peace ✌?

  6. The TimeKeeper

    Apple: this battle is what prophecies are made of.
    Samsung:lol im just a smart phone for fun.
    Apple:you lied. It wasnt even a battle.
    You were just too strong ..

  7. Sam Pomare

    American phone companies need to catch up with the world. It’s funny watching Americans bash American based phone companies. Yip you Americans have lost your innovation lol

  8. Brenda Bloom

    Samsung went all out this year there's no debate about who took the W this year Samsung all the way I wanna see how many apple users are going to try and go up against this claim

  9. alex safir

    Yes yes samsung is better but android will be sucks after 1 or 2 years the phone will block and you will have always problem with the soft?iphone doesn t deserve the money but is we not have the perfect phone price-quality?

  10. wllot

    the asymmetry of the chin on the Galaxy still bothers me, wish samsung would figure out the OLED bending technique one of these days.

  11. Its Karma

    I like iPhones and the fact that most people have them so its easier to communicate on messages and facetime etc plus apps are more optimized for it but on an iPhone you get what you see and your paying premium for a brand. But on android however everything us up to you to customize and you can make your phone your phone. If the iPhone had customization like Samsung I'd I'd definetly be on a iPhone.

  12. Raghavendra Aithal

    iOS main negative point is not allowed call recording option. Give me inbuilt auto call recorder and  i switch note9 from xs max or xs.
    Apple is expensive. Call recording will not be.

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