Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone Xs – Speed Test

Here is our Speed Test comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Apple iPhone XS.

Camera Comparison:
Battery Life: Coming soon!

More info on the Galaxy S10:

More info on the iPhone Xs:

More info on the Galaxy S10 (UK):

More info on the iPhone Xs (UK):

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone Xs – Speed Test”

  1. Aria Seraj

    you pay a thousand dollar for iPhone after a year your iPhone still worth a thousand dollar, you pay a thousand dollar for Samsung after a year you see the grocery store down ur street are selling it $600 dollar with some extra goodies on top. that is the different between Apple and Samsung.

  2. unitech computers

    Not a chance buying a 1000 euro device for 2 major updates. After the 2 updates samsung's price will drop down to 50% while Apple still in 2019 is releasing updates even for iPhone 6s

  3. Zone07

    Why do people keep making these type of videos? These speed tests mean nothing. People need to get off that hardware spec comparison. Most people including the reviewers don't know what their talking about. I can understand gaming PCs for gamers but phones catered to the masses is irrelevant.

  4. Sultan Wot

    so you test speed between the 2 devices by (( Thinking )) you are clicking the same app in each device with 2 fingers!!!! and you want us to buy it?!

    this is the worst ever review I've seen.


  5. Ed U

    would be good to test the internal version of the s10 as it uses a different chip. historically the non Snapdragon phones have been faster.

  6. R0XTR STUDi0

    No headphone jack
    No fast charger
    No expandable memory
    Small battery size
    No reverse wireless charging
    No bezzle less display with shitty notch
    No type c port
    No 4k recording on front camera
    No wifi 6
    No dex
    Less colour option
    No fingerprint sensor
    Slow processor than s10
    Only 4gb ram
    Super costly
    Thats iphone for u

    But u can showoff…..?(pasted)

  7. Jonathan J

    W for Apple. L for Samsung, just barely tying it in benchmarks a good 6 months after the flagship Apple phone gets released. Android processors suck.

  8. Alpha Visari

    For me the android os is what makes it a huge slowdown… everything I try to do is slower on android, so many steps to archive same thing… example:. Take a photo and then send it to my computer to work on or print it? A freaking headache on android.

  9. David

    Saying the iPhone may be slower because it's not just unboxed and has the apps downloaded before, it's like saying the S10 may be slower because it's apps doesn't cache yet because it's new.

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