Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! Which Should You Buy?

Hands on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus VS iPhone XS Max! Design, Display, Camera, Speed, Battery, Features & Complete Comparison Review. Also Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR!

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30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! Which Should You Buy?”

  1. Holly Dinsmore

    I just got an iPhone XR and I have been using Apple for years and now I want a S10 because it looks so much better but I would have to start over and I have too many valuable pictures on my camera roll ?

  2. milchuck

    I've been an Iphone user for years but it seems like Apple is playing catch-up in a lot of areas. I like the look at features of the Samsung phones but like the simplicity of the Apple IOS. I tried Android about a year ago but there was a ton of apps and settings which I found difficult to configure so I switched back to Apple.

  3. ocean ocean

    Eventually Google will beat both of them mark my word. Google is very rich and type whatever in Google search it shows up . It must a big shock for both apple and Samsung when Google joined the game maybe Facebook join the game too follow by Amazon to make new better phones in future.

  4. Nitin Ramesh

    Steve Jobs was right, Innovation is everything, even though I loved Apple from a very long time, if they keep overpricing underpowered devices, it's time to move to move innovative products in the market.

  5. Nyan Cat

    Apple! give us :
    – Expandable storage
    – no notch (or at least less notch)
    – lower pricetags
    – a midrange lineup
    – a fingerprint scanner
    – increased compatibility with non Apple products
    – higher res screens
    – longer battery life

    And maybe ppl will start to CONSIDER getting an IPhone not just bc its trendy but actually bc Apple makes good phones.

    PS : did I forget anything on the list?

  6. Nyan Cat

    Maybe ISheep will finally realise that there are way better alternatives out there and will stop buying overpriced IPhones just bc its cool and trendy. But then again, props to Apple for actually keeping them hooked by making their products look way better xD

  7. Nyan Cat

    The thing I don't get about IPhones these days is that even for the upcoming IPhone 11 they went with a super ugly camera design AND they still have that huge notch just so they can brag about having the best 3D face ID…. Smh they should have made a holepunch display or something and made a regular 2D one and maybe innovative in something else like an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the display to compete with the S10… But no, yet agsin this year it seems they have chosen to keep the notch for their ridiculous Face ID.

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