Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs LG G7 ThinQ Speed Test !!!

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs LG G7 ThinQ Speed Test. Can the G7 slay the beast? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs LG G7 ThinQ Speed Test. A full speed comparison between Snapdragon 855 Chipset (8GB RAM) Vs Snapdragon 845 Chipset (4GB RAM) including apps opening, RAM Management, browsing, boot up, & geek bench 4 score (2019 vs 2018). Which is faster?

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31 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs LG G7 ThinQ Speed Test !!!”

  1. Ujjawal Pratap1234

    Such A Bias Cause you put Natural In the display in the s10 and only the lg can record in 1080p in fornt camera. S10 can Record At 4k. Plus If you talk About Display The Lg Is no where Near the S10.

  2. Tim Gentz

    I was exited that samsung brought back a flat display with the 10e, but then put an ANNOYING hole in it? actually impressed with the lg g7 screen. Oh well, i will hope for a flat SOLID display on the galaxy s20…….

  3. Castle Fung

    plz dont compare a snapdragon 845 vs a snapdragon 855 chip. There is clearly 1 year of difference between the release of those phones. And the OS used by LG G7 is still the previous platform. Cannot compare. Disliked. Comparing Iphone X and Samsung S10 would be more fair.

  4. sn3192

    considering that last year's lg is literally some $600-$700 cheaper than s10, it's almost a scandal that the differences in day to day performance are this small lol

  5. Rokas Anonimas

    Oh man, I am waiting so hard for LG G8 to come out, it will be a legit full package with battery improvement, now they will just need to fix slow updates and get rid of that notch ?

  6. indigoal3n

    That's not a fair comparison since chip in G7 is one generation earlier than the new S10, especially the storage chip for loading games and apps. Lg makes much more optimized and durable and advanced phones than Samsung and this video does them no justice. You've undercut LG here in every way. But all that aside, this kind of comparison makes no sense as the general consensus has been accepted, because each phone has its own animation speed set differently, different styles etc.

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