Samsung Galaxy S10 (+) vs Note 9: In-Depth Camera Test Comparison

In this video, I conduct a camera comparison and review of the new 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus triple camera system. I put the camera head to head with the Note 9. I analyze side-by-side direct comparisons of images shot in various lighting conditions ranging from ideal, great lighting to poor, low lighting that required each phone to utilize their dual apertures and switch to their f/1.5 aperture modes. I take a look at the dual front facing camera of the S10 and compare it to the single selfie camera of the Note 9. I look at portrait mode and how they compare on each phone. Samsung calls this feature Live Focus, and now on the S10 there are different effects like zoom, spin, and color point where the background becomes black and white. I also take a look at the 4K video of both phones and also compare the microphone qualities of both phones by analyzing the audio. I was shocked by the improvements in image stabilization on the new S10s.

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 (+) vs Note 9: In-Depth Camera Test Comparison”

  1. mr.penguin

    I have a note 9, and i couldn't wait to see the kind of photos i can take! Until, seeing the amount of crop the photos would be in. Obviously screen size has something to do with it, but it should still be able to take photos with no cropping in them!

  2. Robert Clark

    You have a very different camera from what I've experienced. It's been back and forth to almost no difference. Both great but both too bright often washed out. The s10 is worse. The shaking on your note 9 ? Better send it back. I wouldn't purchase a device with that kind of issue. My one plus 3t shoots much better stability than that note 9. I am fortunate I guess. My note 9 does well. I do hate the blown out light though sometimes occurs.
    The key is , people will learn HOW TO shoot. Picking their best lighting conditions and get the best shot. Comparisons on phones from 2017 up are all equal really. Nitpicking is just more ways to get you to keep buying more shit. As for me I will use my devices til they dont work. I wont buy anything because OEMs say it's the next best thing. Nothing but gimmicks today. Bezels are still a necessity to me. Cases are also needed. So the entire last 2 years has been all about stupidity. Less to hold and therefore holes and notches for camera. No. Not me I wont go that route. Its foolish and most know this. Therefore the note 9 is the last of the best ….For now.

  3. Luke Taylor

    Image 1: S10 oversaturated, loss of gradient depth on the chairs, white balance point warmer on Note 9 gives the impression of washed out.
    Image 2: S10 overexposed, loss of detail on building particularly the brickwork and lower text row, sky over processed given a 'halo' to the building's roof looking very unnatural.
    Image 3: S10 overall a much more pleasing image, Note 9 looks flatter with the sky being blown out.
    Image 4: S10 oversaturated, Note 9 a much more realistic image.
    Image 5: S10 much better image overall, better colour management, Note 9 washed out and poor dynamic range
    Image 6: Equally good and bad
    Image 7: Equally good and bad, S10 camera effects a major step up
    Image 8: Poor dynamic range again from the Note 9, S10 a better more balanced image.
    Image 9: Note 9 a more 'as you see it' image S10 looks over processed.
    Image 10: Equally good and bad
    Video 1: You turned on Digital stabilisation rather than in body, which is notorious fo this, yes the S10 is much better but if you turn this off you would see a very smooth video on the Note 9
    Video 2: Yet again S10 over exposed losing detail on the face.
    Night Image 1: Note 9 clearly has a better contrast in image and colour, yet again S10 pushing high exposures
    Night Image 2: Equally good and bad
    Night Image 3: Equally good and bad
    Night Image 4: Equally good and bad
    Night Image 5: Equally good and bad

  4. Chris Abbott

    I have been shooting in Pro Mode since the S7 Edge and love it. But after updating my Note 8 I found that there is no pro mode available any more in Video

    Just the ability to select 15 standard filters and the option to install more.

    Does the S10 have this option?

  5. Pinder4u

    I think with next major android update for note 9 it will be on par with s10 series. There isn't any major difference in camera hardware so it comes down to software processing.

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