Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Pocophone F1 – Camera Comparison!

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus vs Xiaomi Pocophone f1 camera comparison. How does a $1000 smartphone compare to a $300 device! The results will shock you. Watch for the full review!

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Pocophone F1 – Camera Comparison!”

  1. oluwadare joshua

    For all of you saying install gcam on the Poco it would be better
    So if you install gcam on the S10 what do you think would happen???
    Xiaomi just needs to work on their software period!!!!

  2. Burak Kasal

    using a unfocused picture for comparison is just low . The s10 camera is obviously better , but the difference is not that much . Totally biased.

  3. Riccardo Fiore

    Pocophone like others xiaomi, seems to have microphones capable of recording only the medium-high range lacking the low range, making it annoying to listen.
    There is an option to fix it?

  4. vjal vjal

    No matter how much people try to justify poco because of them unable to buy expensive flagships, s10 is definitely the better one. Accept the fact and get over it

  5. Phoenix Klris

    One of the dumbest and biased review I ever saw. Bokeh shot review says it all. Even a 6000 dollar DSLR cannot get exposure and WB correct without Grey and White cards.

  6. Kidd Rock

    The thing here is that the PocoF1 has the same sensor as the Pixel 3 …

    You have the comparison and we will see how a $ 300 phone reaches almost over $ 1000 by just installing an apk. (I do not know if the S10 has the Camara2Api active)

  7. spahwa26

    It would be a shame for a $1000 smartphone if its native camera app loses against the GCAM in a $300 phone.

    And the guy saying "what if we install GCAM on Samsung galaxy s10", for your kind information the Google Camera works only with single lens and it does not have any added functionality for variable aperture. It would be a dumb decision to install the GCAM in Samsung galaxy s10.

    I think POCO F1 with GCAM will win in many cases against s10 and it would be a fair comparison.

    The users asking for it are right, there should be a comparison between them. Why wasting extra 700 bucks if its camera that matters the most.

  8. cross bow

    My cousin have pocophone f1 and trust me it lags after month of usage. and camera quality suck without hdr enable. please dont compare mid range with high end after some months these low range shows their true bugs.

  9. Jerry Berglund

    So, still waiting for a Sony Xpera phone? But Maybe you're waiting for the Xperia 1? Wich is kinda sad, I dont think I will be able to buy that at all. I think I have to set up for the not as good variant. So it would be nice to see what your views are on that one… Like Xperia 10 plus. :-)>

    And what are you thought about DxOmarks kinda bad score on the Xperia XZ3's camera. I mean in sense they thought it was even worse than XZ premium.

  10. tushar aggarwal

    Have you tried a night sight mode on poco by using pixel's camera app….. It's totally insane…. I don't know how it gets the details even when your eyes can't see them…. Yes it steals away any Natural look but still it's totally insane.
    Here is an example…. The dark one was taken by iphone 6s just for reference of the real scene, as there is only moon light (no artificial light)

  11. papavalesRS

    There is no comparison sorry. Taking some day light photos easy for the lens indeed does looks like a competition but i know that if you want you could show to the people some sample that proves why s10 camera is 2+ time better than pocophone's. Of course a pocophone's friendly video would make the this video hotter but not accurate at all. kisses

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