Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10 Plus | Side-by-side comparison

Comparing Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphones, to see if you should upgrade to the Plus model. How do they stack up for specs, camera hardware and features, speed, battery life and beyond?

The Galaxy S10 series has just launched and I’ve had the chance to go hands-on for an early review, ahead of the official unveiling. These premium smartphones boast impressive performance, Samsung’s dense One UI software, and the new Infinity-O Display – but there are plenty of differences too. The S10 Plus isn’t just bigger, you also get five camera lenses instead of ‘just’ four. There’s also a ceramic model packing more RAM and storage, while the S10+ boosts the battery size also.

Of course, the price will also rise if you want that ultimate Samsung phone – and the standard S10 feels nicer to grip and use.

So which Galaxy are you more tempted by? Check out my full GS10 vs GS10e comparison to see how the ‘lite’ model holds up against the full-fat version!

25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10 Plus | Side-by-side comparison”

  1. Arthur Zager

    The saddest things if you break the lower front screen it completely loses touchscreen functionality. 🙁 S10+) and to change the screen on these models is like buying another one altogether.

  2. Tom H

    The colour is so off for the Samsung s10 selfie compared to the S10+ at 6minutes in. Why is that? Surely that second lens can't make that much of a difference with the colour science?

  3. Ja Pat

    I am considering moving to Samsung and buying a Galaxy mobile. I play a lot of POKEMON GO and wondered which model you would recommend for the game please (battery intensive game)? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

  4. Leah Kay

    Still frustrated by Android terrible video sharing in text messaging, compared to iPhone. Pointless to have amazing video recording device, if your messaging or uploading compresses it down to horrific quality. Why can't Android find this a priority to fix already?

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