Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S9 comparison

Samsung has just unveiled the brand-new Galaxy S10 range, and Henry got an early look at the new phones. He brought along last year’s Galaxy S9 to highlight what’s changed and whether the S10 is a worthy upgrade from the S9.

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21 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S9 comparison”

  1. Psyber

    Is it just me or does the S9 look like a phone you'd want to grab and use all the time? I don't know the "full screen" S10 just looks, different and I still prefer the S9. No one asked for a full screen phone. I don't get the hype.

  2. Antonio Collins

    S9nis the same and does the same the only bug thing is the camera…lol lol lol …dont play this game with these tech people tour your s9 plus is definitely a match for the 10….they ran out of ideas and said (let's add 2 more camera…….lol lol and the picture is not at all that better….lol lol lol ….they want your money……….

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