Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Full Comparison!

Full comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy S10e vs the Apple iPhone XR

Samsung Galaxy S10e:
iPhone XR:

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30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Full Comparison!”

  1. tech talk

    plz someone help me i broke my iPhone x and am wondering which phone to get!!! I'm a diehard iPhone user so i don't know how i will use android

  2. Tim Possible

    That fast charger will shorten your battery's life compared to the "slow" charger.

    The XR has a 6.1" screen (not 6.2") and a mute switch on the left side of the device.

  3. oh yeah yeah

    My dad had the xr about a month ago he ordered it and now he has s10 now but anyways great video bro I like what you said about it I just did research and the s10 is better than the new iPhone xr

  4. D- Sean

    The s10e has….
    • 4k 60fps front facing camera recording (1st on a phone)
    • Super steady video recording
    • HDR10+ recording
    • 128gb internal base storage
    • Fast wireless charging
    • 7nm chip
    ▪ 123 degree Wide angle camera
    • Ultra panorama mode
    • Adobe premiere rush built in
    • Instagram camera mode built in
    • Up to 550$ discount for trade in
    • 1st phone with Wifi 6
    • Dynamic Tone mapping
    Heres the Samsung 8nm chip embarrassing the Apple 7nm chip ???? "Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max – Speed Test! (WOW)" on YouTube

  5. Sypxx

    The two "budget" flagships side by gonna like watching this video since I've been wanting to get one of these devices, but can't make up my mind

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