Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is out. I unboxing the S20 5G, set it up, and take a first look at the latest small flagship phone from Samsung. I also compare the size with the S10+, S20 Ultra 5G and S10e. #Samsung #s20 #Android

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:12 – Price
00:43 – Unboxing
02:11 – Phone Overview
02:48 – Size comparison
03:39 – Specs
05:24 – Setup
07:16 – Fingerprint sensor setup
07:49 – Home screen and preinstalled apps
08:27 – Camera Settings
09:34 – Selfie camera video
09:58 – 120hz display
12:31 – Software update
10:46 – Conclusion
11:42 – Wallpaper
12:05 – Outro
12:25 – End
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Galaxy S20 Wallpaper:

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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – Unboxing, Setup and First Look”

  1. Mary Knueven

    Yeah I also got mine fixed with him,my network was slow as hell,but this man on Instagram cyberwizard19 fixed mine in less than 10 mins,he is really a pro💯💯

  2. The Flash 2424

    My dad recently purchased this phone and I was thinking maybe asking for this for Christmas my mom also insisted for me to ask for it sounds like a great phone for me

  3. The Jovial Brit

    Ummmmmm why no headphone jack? How are we meant to listen to music? Guess I'll have to get a headphone jack.. Oh well at least the connector isn't as crappy as iPhones! That thing degrades within a bloody month, then snaps off. It's why I've always preferred Samsung, among other reasons lol. Anyhoo I got the Ultra and the watch. Arrives tomorrow!

  4. Susan Hazlett

    Switching from S6 to S20 – so it's been a long time. Basics please – do I have to charge this first before set up? How do I transfer stuff from old to new (files, pictures etc)?

  5. Human

    My S20 5G came with a wall "Fast Charger" with Output: 5 Vdc & 3.0 A. Which is a 15 watt charger.
    Many sites and reviews mention they come with a 25 Watt charger which at 5 Vdc would produce 5 Amps output.

    When it is connected to the phone the screen shows "Super Fast Charging."

    Did mine come from Samsung (via my cell provider) with the incorrect charger?
    Or could the printing on the charger be incorrect. (I doubt this but…?)
    I have not tested the output with a meter or other electric tester.

  6. Michelle Allen

    From S8 plus to S20 5G in size and functionality, is it a good choice for upgrade? I don't seem to get an option for the S10 online which probably would have been what my instinct would have gone with. I like to stay a version behind for cost and not having to wait on the next big thing to come out.

  7. Joel Hoffman

    Had mine about a month now! Excellent phone, no problems at all, gorgeous screen and really great performance. Perfect size, IMO dont want a huge bulky phone. Got on a great AT&T deal, 15$ a month, definitely worth it a top notch Galaxy phone!

  8. Maria Coni Ramirez

    This whole time i thought the film was the "screen protector " lol.. I didn't realize it had a glass protector on until I looked at the front camera. I feel dumb and relieved. I was so stressed on getting one.

  9. Lizzie

    I want to take that phone only because my provider is getting me this upgrade along with the galaxy watch xD. Although, i really like my S10+ and i think that upgrading to this one would be useless.

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