Samsung Galaxy S20 Hands On – A Better Deal?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Latercase –
Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 (Galaxy S20+) a better deal than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S20 Hands On – A Better Deal?”

  1. reviewfor thetube

    So far all of the comparisons like true side by sides the s20 is plenty good with the camera either way neither Samsung cams look the best out of all the cans out even if its over 100 just saying and tbh the rest of the phone matches up equally even some testing showing the s20 out performing the ultra on speed but i think thats just device by device like small differences none can be absolutely identical with load times and shit but yeah s20 is def the better buy and as we see its surpassed the ultra by alot on sales now first month ultra killed it the rest since its a huge gap now the fucking s20 and s20+ are selling the most and way ahead the s20 is the most popular as of noe since most comparisons show us unless you want that size difference it wouldn't be worth the extra money and again sure zoom is better but the rest side by side is very negligible tbh ive seen a few compariosns where thwy say the s20 doesn't have the cam problems the iltra has and on normal images it look slightly cleaner so see its seem to be xase by case and small variances but tbh the s20 is def the better buy here with all things considered also you didnt test the battery whats more hilarious abojt this is you chosw the s20 ultrs for the battery but what you dont udnerstand which idk how you dont since you are a tech head you have a bigger screen taking more juice every single test showing the battery life has the s20 beating the s20 ultrs so thats one thing idk why you didn't udnerstand the bigger battery was because it takes more battery haha I love your videos tho brotha just noticed you didn't think about a few things but seriously compare them both for all day use and you are going to be shocked there are others doing it so if its only battery is why you choose it well you may need to rethink that because it adds no extra life to the phone just saying all live homie grest video awesome review just wanted to point a few things out it just seems sometimes you always choose the top just because well its the most expensive and top but you aren't weighing out reasons to get either to much and aren't really resting to vigorously but all love commonsense tells us bigger battery is because it's a bigger phone because its pulling more power it truely lasts the same as the regular s20 lol actually again most tests showing the s20 edging the battery throughout the day

  2. Shane need blinds Best in Melbourne

    Only you can say I had the 64 gig pixel battery clunck out 8 am til 2 pm I paid 470 au useg I got a store credit $980 au I got a 4 g s20 teach me how to use I got the blue one I'm watching all your videos God bless when you come to australia look me and my family up / we cook you a much we in melbourne you guys and girls are the best

  3. One4 ALL


    Samsung have sold this series of phones in Europe with an inferior processor chip.
    Exynos in Europe and Qualcomm in USA. Huge notable difference in performance and such a con for Samsung to sell Ultra versions of phones in Europe with inferior Exynos chips when they aren't even 'Ultra' when compared with the Qualcomm version of USA.

    Anyone who has bought one needs to complain because you have been CONNED. Same money in Europe but inferior parts. It's like comparing AMD to Intel.

    Absolutely devastated and sad to say this having been an avid Samsung lover for over 20 years.

  4. R L

    Why can't Samsung use the Snapdragon Chipset also in europe? The Exynos is a piece of shit compared to the SD, when it comes to battery life.

  5. Lokhande Chinmay

    I bought galaxy s20 one week ago.While charging and gaming the phone is just warm but while capturing photos and video the phone become hot in span of 2 to 3 minutes. What's the issue ?

  6. Fatboy Dave

    i bought an s10 for the headphone jack, guess how many times iv'e used the headphone jack, ZERO TIMES, but i still refuse to buy a phone without a headphone jack, I MUST BE THICK AS SHIT

  7. Fallout legacy 67

    Yea this right here is what I don't understand about companies making different colors for various markets, regions, and phone size like that has to be a logistical nightmare to manage why not just say here are 3 phones that comes in 2 3 or 4 colors and be done with it. Not sure why Samsung plays so many games with phone colors it's really not that hard yet they make it so frustrating.

    My theory is if it makes sense companies aren't interested since there is "no challenge" and they feel offended by it being so easy.

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