Samsung Galaxy S20 review: better than the Ultra

Samsung says the Galaxy S20 is the start of a whole new generation, but in our review, Dieter Bohn thinks it’s a little more evolutionary than that — it’s more of an S11. Still, the new camera system works, the 5G is nice to have, and the 120Hz screen is great. Unlike with the S20 Ultra, Samsung isn’t over extending itself.

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S20 review: better than the Ultra”

  1. Roku C

    I'm just hoping Samsung would change their colour science a bit. More natural, less overexposed… or at least let me choose a Colour Profile, just like a real camera.

  2. Zazzel The Gamer

    How is Samsung all of a sudden making these extremely high end phones? 12gb ram for a phone? That's kinda over kill for a phone isn't it? I've seen people rush to by the past Samsung phones every year when they improved nothing, but no one rushed to buy the S10 or the S20? When it's the same price as the past phones? People are honestly backwards.

  3. Jerrod Westcott

    I can hope for do end up having to get a new phone because I'm having phone troubles on my Samsung Galaxy S8 if I do have to get a new phone icon a hope I can get the small one For $500 from what Google said

  4. RM Ograv

    Yeah but…where is the notification LED my S7 has?? Samsung lost me on that one. No one here is taking anything for granted…except for the notification LED after upgrading from an S7.

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