Samsung Galaxy S20 review

The Galaxy S20 may be the smallest of the three phones but that doesn’t mean it packs any less punch. Check out our full review where we cover all the bases: the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, and performance in a short and sweet video.

▶ Our in-depth Galaxy S20 camera review:

▶ To learn more, read our detailed text review:

▶ Check out the full Galaxy S20 phone specs:

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S20 review”

  1. Ash Binx

    Guys I'm confused in my local they sell 4g lte what does that mean? Isn't it suppose to be 5g with 12 gb? I'm talking about s20 plus yes.

  2. Farah Diyanah

    Im irked with the finger print and face recognition to unlock the phone. I have to press my finger couple of time to make sure the phone unlock. Sometime the phone doesnt even recognize my face. Im hurt.

  3. YeysBaws!

    Though the gorilla glass back part is nice, the only thing I hate about it is you can't put any protective tempered glass on it they it curved out. I'm not the type of person who put case on my phones.

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