Samsung Galaxy S20 tips and tricks: 15 cool things to try

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 software is full of neat features, and it’s also got a few annoyances, so we’ve rounded up a few tips for you to try. We’ll show you how to make your power button a power button again, or hide the camera cutout on the front as well as scheduling dark mode and enabling 120Hz refresh, plus a lot more.

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Written, shot and edited by Cam Bunton

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S20 tips and tricks: 15 cool things to try”

  1. Allergy Free Family

    the fast charging sold me on this one, its going to be my next phone, i was going to get the A71 but learning they still don't have that option… fast charging is very important.. the 4th camera on phones is not needed in my opinion..

  2. Barbara Grimm

    Aargh! The option to hide camera cutout has disappeared after the latest software update, unless someone can find it in another place? The option as shown in the video is no longer possible, which is a great shame as I hate having the selfie camera in my screen content. Any ideas???

  3. NativePride405

    Hello can someone help. This comment is made on 1/5/20 and Samsung did a software update which I just updated today. In the video around 4:40 he shows how to hide the selfies cam with a fake bezel. I tried to do this and the settings are not there. Can someone help me hide the selfie cam? Thank you

  4. Celly Milton

    Had to have my phone replaced so I've got a fresh start once i get it back in the next few days. Pretty sure there's not much i don't already know about but I'm having actually-my-own-phone withdrawals… =w=

  5. Imtiaz Taibi

    I honestly don't even notice the difference from fhd to qhd…and once your turn that 120hz smooth motion there is no going back to 60 trust me its so good

  6. D Washy

    Good video for people just switching to a samsung phone..but im a vet with samsung phones, just here for hopefully my upcoming phone,!!

  7. Rebel27

    Just don't lose sight of the fact that your Samsung s-20 is always listening to your every conversation even when it's turned off
    Just a friendly reminder folks!

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