Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Exynos vs Snapdragon.

The Snapdragon and Exynos Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are very different smartphones…

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Exynos vs Snapdragon.”

  1. jason Hunt

    About time 1 of them did a 60hz comparison at fhd with this device and he is one that researchers in2 it deeply plus 7 hours of screen on time isn't to bad I work long hours 5-6 days so I rarely get the time to b on my device but when I do im next to my fan so the phone stays cool anyway

  2. Rocky Bashimor

    The Exynos has never been good!

    No matter how good the technical data they put out there it still doesn't do well. This has been proven so many times without number.

    Lots of videos out there showing a detailed comparison between the two processors.
    If you gonna sell a product and boast of its capacity, then it should be consistent across the board and regions since it's being sold at the same price or more in certain regions.

    Either use the same chipsets and components across the board or don't sell them at all.

    I live in Brazil and the Samsung is slowly losing its fan base since:

    1. The Exynos process heats up a lot and drains battery quicker
    2. Lost its core values of being different and offering more rather than copying Apple with every launch of their flagship.
    3. As a consumer living Brazil where such tech gadgets are way and extremely expensive due to inflation and high taxes, selling a Samsung Exynos chipset variant for the note or S line flagships knowing its sub-par to those launched with the snapdragon is a lack of respect.

    As a way of swaying consumers, they give the snapdragon variant to some youtubers for testing and first impressions and later launch the Exynos variant for sale in Brazil. I think these reviewers should call them out for false marketing as well.

    I use to love samsung and but now I might just find some other manufacturer who has the decency of being upfront with their products and not advertise one thing and sell you the other.

  3. sarthak patnaik

    Got samsung s21 ultra Exynos version since 3 days
    It's overheating with mild camera usage.
    The metal frame adjacent to the camera bump heats up
    Can you shed some light on the same to us subscribers.
    Is anyone else also experiencing the same issue?????

  4. 乃ム尺尺リ

    how do i know if the phone i ordered is snapdragon or exynos ? (samsung galaxy s20) please answer because i’m going to be ordering my phone in a few weeks and i’m lost.

  5. Edy CM

    this is the reason why i won't buy samsung phones, i have been on iphone for years now… i feel like i'm getting jipped big time since outside of us/canada/korea, you pay more for samsung phones and get inferior exynos chip… so why can't just samsung make exynos on par with snapdragon 🤔and hello from mexico! 👋

  6. Rist

    So far I like the Samsung Galaxy S20+ thus far more than what the Apple 12 offers by a landslide. I really wish that Samsung would enable 3200 x 1440i 96Hz. Not enough people realize how much the quality of interlacing improves as you increase DPI and refresh rate. The negative motion crawl flicker aspect diminishes greatly as you do. I'd like to see interlacing on a high DPI high refresh rate high DPI QLED myself.

  7. Anonym

    Just got my S20 ultra with snapdragon for $1050 canadian, compared to the s21 ultra being $1650 for the 128gb, with no charger. Saved about $700 overall for a similar phone, happy with this purchase.

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