Samsung GALAXY S20 Unboxing and Tour!

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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is in the house and we are off to test this new $1,000 phone. Should you buy the Galaxy S20? Is the Galaxy S20 worth it? Where is our review? Hey, we’ll answer all of that once we do this S20 unboxing and tour.

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26 Replies to “Samsung GALAXY S20 Unboxing and Tour!”

  1. THE 2215

    missing headphone jack. Disapprove, Ill explain why… in order to be a no headphone jack you need to have a big battery, to connect earbuds, there are type C erphones, but thats a no definitely, the only phone who is really worth without a headphone jack is the p30 pro cuz… is a beast battery phone.

  2. Will Unwin

    Have had my S20 for a week and only just realised it doesn't have a heart rate sensor like my old S9. Don't know whether to be disappointed or just admit it was a gimmick. Guess I have to buy a galaxy watch now

  3. Marcalais Fransisca

    Hi thanks for this unboxing. I was worried about the empty box coz I thought I lost something when opening or missed my toddler taking aomething from there. I'm so relievwd 😀

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