Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11

Comparing the camera, battery, specs and features of the Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11. The conclusion here, is perhaps not one you expected. Giveaway link:

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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11”

  1. Akın Orhan

    i am here using iphone 6 cause my phone broke, it is still smooth but the problem is it has only a 8 megapixels camera and a low mah battery while samsung at that time made things like that better, so the ios software is futureproof yes, but not the hardware

  2. Its Alen

    I’m about to make the switch to s20 but then suddenly: “2 years max update” and it has almost been a year since u uploaded this video. So it wouldn’t be worth it getting the s20 in December 2020?

  3. kobi sonego

    You can’t really compare the two phones because the iPhone 11 is 700$
    And the Samsung s20 is a 1000$
    It will make sense if you compare the 11 pro to the s20

  4. free for freedom

    Guys please give me an honest advice. Which one should I go? I need a better camera and a battery life. Now Samsung S20 price is around 550$ and I phone 11 is around 707$. Pleaseeee.


    In terms of the work u do iPhone is the beast.The galaxy s20 ultra looks good from the outside but not good with optimizations wheres opening apps ,camera systems,speed iPhone is just a beast

  6. L E N A

    I switched from iPhone (xr) to the s20 and i am not that happy with the decision.
    •The battery life sucks. I have to charge at least 2 times a day (on screen time around 4-6 hours).
    •in daylight, yes the camera is one of the best but it doesn't do well with the sun in my opinion.
    I am not amazed by this camera and i miss the iPhone camera a lot..
    • Videos suck on this one. Never had a phone with that quality when it gets just a little darker. Looks like i filmed with a brick or something.
    •I hate how instagram and Snapchat work with this one.
    It just doesn't run that smooth and sometimes it turns down the quality immensely.

    All in all the phone is not bad. Perfomance is great. Screen is insane. Its incredibly fast and provides a lot of freedom for your personal touch on the phone.
    Design on this one is like 10/10.

    this phone is definitely not bad but i think if you're used to having an iphone camera and you use your socials very often (maybe even work with that) i don't think that Samsung is the best option.
    I hope no one takes this as hate or something.

  7. Nimz

    Just got screen burn in on my s9 i've had for like 2.5 years, ran on adaptive brightness, dark mode and blue light filter for 2 years straight… Kind of bummed and turning away from the samsung amoled display… my phone is also heating up and losing battery faster than normal since this issue has started… I don't know what to get. Sprint has a really good deal for the 11 right now, plus imessage… sending videos and pictures and putting the camera to actual use for my day to day

  8. Mr Kumar

    You forgot to mention green flares in iphone's camera when ever a light source is in the scene. Frustrating. First and last iphond for me. Felt robbed.

  9. Fishless Clive

    I find that galaxy s20 phones face recogntion operation is pointless as asks you to put in your pin every four hours . at least the finger print only does this every 3 days. This is a fault of the phone as it tells you this on the setup page. yet none of the reviewers even mention this.

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