Samsung Galaxy S20, What Went Wrong?

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S20, What Went Wrong?”

  1. Tomas Thao

    Hard to invest 1K on a smartphone to only break the display within a year. That's what happened to me and my Note 10+. Learned my lesson. $500 smartphone is the new standard now. Accidents happen.

  2. Ishaan Sharma

    In India they sell the same designs for every phone. Why should I pay 80k if the phone I am purchasing looks identical to their 35k A series phone. Instead they made S20 ultra to stand out and made it even more expensive. If I'm paying 80k for S20+ so it should look different, there's no point if it's hard to differentiate between a 35k phone and a 80k phone. Apple did same thing with Iphone 8, Iphone 8+ and Iphone X, but they are releasing 3 limited phones in whole year. While Samsung has a different series for each alphabet and yet they give the same identical design. And on top of thay exynos inferior chipset.
    I will wait for Iphone 12

  3. World Peace

    S20 $999, iPhone 11 $699.. And people just want a flagship, they didn't care about specs..
    You thinks it's because Exynos? that's not the case, that shipment data is only for NA ( 0:04 ), they get Snapdragon version..

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