Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5

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Both Apple and Samsung produce wonderful products. Let’s take, for example, the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5! Both are amazing smartphones with their own strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, neither can claim to be better than the other, but if we look closely, we can identify the areas where one has an advantage over the other and vice versa. Surprise, surprise – that’s exactly what we’ll do right now…

30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5”

  1. Hamna Fawad

    Well my dads family uses Samsung and most of my moms uses Apple my mom changed to Samsung , so did my sister and my dad also changed to Samsung so I can either get an iPhone 4. Or Samsung Note3 I am an Samsung fan but I have been hearing tons of people say Apple is better so if you can give me 20 reasons why Apple is better I will buy Apple please reply

  2. Archana.C

    I love HTC, but my personal preference would be an iPhone. But samsung is not even long lasting. You could use your iPhone for soooo long without it giving you any trouble. Samsung will start lagging in a month or two. iTunes gives you better quality audio songs. Apple is so reliable. Samsung phones go haywire within no time. iPhones are thoughtfully designed physically and the software. iOS most certainly is the smoothest working operating system.

  3. Natas m/

    You can't do shit on iphone's no custom keyboards, dialers, live wallpapers, sd cards and the list goes on. So what if it lags every smartphone lags from time to time.

  4. Sandra Rojas

    Samsung is the best phone available today. Iphone I made in China by underpaid abused young people at Foxconn. IPhone users should know better and stop feeling so proud of their rotten apple.

  5. Dima

    I personally thinks apple rocks !!✌️ samsung stuff are made of PLASTIC Sooooooo idk I just don't like samsung I have a lot of reasons why

  6. Hunny Bee

    I won myself an S4.  Owner of a iphone4s so decided to sell my iphone to give the S4 a chance!  Worse mistake! 
    S4 lags big time,  heats up fast!  and does random stuff

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