Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5s duo resurrect the Android vs iOS rivalry in full force, that’s why we are staging a cage match between the design, specs and performance paradigms of the mobile juggernauts’ flagships for the season.

48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s”

  1. Danielle Cole

    i hate galaxies but my dad said there better than iphones then he says there both the same like if there the same how come i cant get the iphone so i have a slow stupid galaxy that barely works

  2. Freddie Slaughter

    So here is my problem. I have an old Samsung smartphone right now and I'm planning to get a new phone on a 2 year contract, but not sure what I should buy iPhone 5s or Samsung galaxy S5.First of all I want good camera and phone to be durable, also phone that can easy download things like music, movies and videos. So I don't have much experience with different smart phones and some of my close friends and relatives have iPhone 4 and 5 and they told me that it's really good phone and also some other of my friends are about to buy iPhone soon, but on the other side I have friend that got Galaxy S5 and he's very happy with it. He thinks that’s what I need Galaxy S6 is better choice, but this kind a Samsung fan, but also knows about things like that, so I really don't know what to do. Can anyone help please?

  3. Rohit Eligeti

    I'm still using HTC one and not buying another stupid smartphone…..because what I hate the most in smartphone industries is the """WEAK BATTERY LIFE!"""" there was no change at all in years!…somebody have to come up with faster charging like fueling a car in seconds! and longer battery life for a week atleast!

  4. Beny Sufatdiyan

    Apple iPhone 5S better than Samsung galaxy S5.
    Because Samsung galaxy S5 duplicate copying from Apple iPhone 5S technology.
    Known for Finger scaner with same Finger prints from that Apple iPhone device.

  5. Edward Henriquez

    i have the s4   and i love it looking to get the s5 soon  don't like never did like the iPhone ill stick with the Samsung crew thank you 
    Samsung for making a good phone.  (;

  6. cliff cheung

    How can you compare the s5 with the iphone5.if anything it should be compared with the s4. Oh and BTW I could only make out like a third of what you said. Subtitles please.

  7. Deshawn Howard

    Did anybody understand what the hell this nigga said his accent is strong as hell but  i got the most of what he said so im really just complaining to much.

  8. Titus Nickleson

    You buy an iphone for cases and design and ease of use
    You buy any android phone for customization of the software each make your phone different from everybody else

  9. davidbxrch

    You must be an idiot to buy an iPhone, I mean seriously its either a kids phone or for old people…yeah it looks nice that's about it. big deal haha hardware over looks 

  10. Robert A. Olsen

    Okay first of all you don't have to hold CS5 with two hands to Swype the fingerprint sensor I don't want know why everyone keeps saying that. Secondly we see who the true winners are here.

  11. Kauldron

    I bought the iphone 5s .. and this is the biggest mistake i've made ;  screen too small , shitty battery life, lack of customization , it just disgust me

  12. Nick Smith

    Ughh I want the s5 for its good camera but I want the htc one for its great build quality. Why can't both phones just have the whole package.

  13. Tim VeePee

    You have to much bias to review phpnes. Even when some is better on the Samsung device, your bias to Apple is sickning.

    You can adjust the colors on all Samsung devices if you don't like the brighten colors. I prefer the brighter colors.

    Both fingerprint scanners work. Also you don't need to hold the phone with one hand and use the scanner with the other. Maybe YOU do. I tried it and I can hold the phone and swipe with my thumb. it's not cumbersome. It's just different.

  14. Adonis King

    this isn't a fair review. for one reason. the iPhone 5s is suppost to be up against the gs4 not the gs5. considering the yearly cycles of both manufacturers

  15. Australia Graves

    I really dislike it when phones are compared to the iPhone 5S and the reviewer seems to be trying to dethrone the iPhone as if it's the standard all phones should aspire to reach. Apple is not the standard bearer and it's high time these so called "pros" approach their reviews in a unbiased manner.

  16. Bulvine420

    Let's break this down for real features

    IPhone 5s
    1. Finger print scanner
    2. New colors

    Galaxy s5
    1. Water resistant
    2. Finger print scanner
    3. 16 mp camera
    4. Heart rate sensor
    6. New android 4.4 kitkat
    7. Bigger screen
    8. USB 3.0 port also backwards compatible with og micro USB

    I was going to ad cpu upgrades for both devices but most of us don't use that feature unless you are a spec fanatic.

  17. TheLazyOne

    So you are comparing a phone which came out, September 20, 2013; 6 months ago, to a Phone which comes out in 2 days,11 April 2014.
    So you really can't say one is better by comparing something that came out 6 months ago against something that haven't even come out yet.

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