Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s: first look

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PhoneArena presents a quick comparison video between the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, and its rival – the Apple iPhone 5s. Want to get an idea of how these two super-premium smartphones stack up against each other? Sure thing, just watch our video!

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    lols so funny when S5 need to thumb swipe so many times n lastly the result shown error, so FAILED !!! compared to 5S just put thumb once & gently on touch id button & its quickly approved within a second ! is that necessary for check ur heart beat for every single minutes even u r not the one who practice a healthy lifestyle before ? perhaps its make ur battery run out quickly, however the S5 still look cheap & again for 5th generation of galaxy, they still won the best plastic phone ever…..

  2. Govanschief

    The Galaxy S5 is a competitor to the iphone 5s. The iphone 5s is an iphone 5 with touch id pretty much as both have ios7. For all the people saying Samsung copy Apple, get your facts right. Android had notification screens first, the new command centre in ios7 has quick toggles that Samsung phones have already had. Apple didn't invent fingerprint scanning, nor were they the first to incorporate the tech into a phone, the Blackberry Porsche design had fingerprint scanning tech.  

    The iphone 6 is going to come in 2 sizes, 4.8 inch screen (Galaxy S3) and 5.5 inch screen (Galaxy Note 2). Ios 8 will have a few more android features which ifans will think Apple has invented/created and ironically all of a sudden iphone  users will realise that all along Samsung users were right. That as the importance of content and media streaming has grown, so also has the need and benefit for larger screens. As the old addage goes 'size does matter'.  

    Watching this vid and the comparison of specs between these two competitors of the same generation (year released is irrelevant), it's pretty much a no brainer – even though this guy didn't go into spec detail, there are other comparison vids. Of course specs isn't everything, performance plays a big part and of course the Galaxy S5 is less premium looking – big deal as most people slap on a case that makes the phone unrecognisable anyway. The Galaxy S5 has great innovative features – FACT and lets be honest, if it did look as premium as an iphone, everyone here would be salivating over it. The Galaxy S5 takes it without a sweat – Apple innovation died along with Steve Jobs and Apple would rather these days sue their competitors rather than to produce better products.

  3. Akinaro

    Before you throw this guy at such event he should learn something about commenting, because his voice is so annoying that I would travel from Murcia to Barcelona just to kick his face for such lame voice

  4. Brian Coga

    Why are you even comparing these?!? Iphones died since the Galaxy s3. Galaxies are power and quality. Iphone has way to many limitations including the abilty to remove battery, add more memory, multitask, take advantage of "advanced" power and etc. Getting an Iphone would require me to be brain dead like the people that have them.

  5. Siddharth Shahdeo

    Samsung Galaxy S5 has proved to be the Anu Malik of smart phones !

    Copied Features :-
    Apple : fingerprint sensor.
    Sony : water and dust resistance
    Nokia : camera features
    Asus : back panel design

  6. LuxuriousDesignsHD

    Galaxy S5 actually looks less laggy and faster and the back looks a bit more premium. Not sure if I should get this as I have S4 though but it's aimed at S3 users.
    This part made me laugh, "The iPhone 5S has had HDR for quite a lot of time now…", so has the S2, S3, S4… This is improved HDR.

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