Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6

This is a battle of differences: the Galaxy S6 against the iPhone 6 is also a lot about Android vs iOS, a 16-megapixel camera versus an 8-megapixel one, an octa-core Samsung chip against a dual-core Apple SoC…

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40 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6”

  1. pasi rajkumar

    APPLE,One of the Worlds Top most Retailing Brand…and Apple always created & innovate the device that actually meets our needs in terms of design & hardware..With that Stupids Benchmarks…you Can't conclude that Samsung(S6/S6 Edge) is Better than iphone 6…Although on specs sheet Samsung S6 seems going way farther than iphone…but on day to day experience iphone 6 Seems to perform better whether in terms of Performance,Gaming,Camera or battery life!..i means try to understand…its APPLE Flagship Smartphone..and it just not a loser..instead winner among all..!!
    APPLE iphone 6 Clearly Wins the Race

  2. Cooper Davenport

    Okay, everyone, I will soon be purchasing my first smartphone, and I'm looking for a nice experience where I can text my friends, have quality applications, and have it be reliable and easy and good to use in my everyday life. My two choices, obviously, are the iPhone 6 (or 6s when it comes out), and the Galaxy S6. I have watched countless reviews, but they all give me information that I already know, so I'm hoping someone who has used these phones for themselves can provide me with insight. With the iPhone, I think the app and song quality are great with iTunes (which I prefer), it is simple and reliable, iMessage is amazing, and it is the standard phone that nearly everyone has. I can definitely picture myself using this phone to relax, check emails, text, and do other things whenever I please. The Samsung Galaxy on the other hand, has a better build quality, an awesome camera, nice customization and settings, and great resolution, but I feel it lacks the speed of texting, the quality apps, and simplicity that is the iPhone. I want the iPhone for its simple look, its comfortableness, and reliability to do things I want, but the Samsung has great settings, resolution, camera, and other features. Can anyone help?

  3. Saad Malik

    hold on your stupid s6 fans they copied iphone 6 and iphones have more sales than s6 thank you very much yes s6 has better camera but they copied iphone you cant remove your battery anymore and the design is the same

  4. Oliver Queen

    PLEASE remove this person from @PhoneArena … Like seriously, he is the biggest Apple fanboy ever. It feels like he is damage controlling. He wants to try to make the viewers feel like any device that's not an iPhone is not a superior device to an iPhone.

  5. Nawaz Waseem

    Lol the iPhone 6 doesn't even have a full HD screen, it has a slow ass CPU and its supposed to have an effecient OS but the battery life sucks dick.. Why do Apple charge so much for this junk?

  6. hectichorse

    Does anyone have any loopholes to get my contract changed. I bought an iphone 6 and i'm very disappointed,  I want the s6 so badly. I don't want to put up with the iphone 6 for 2 more years :/

  7. Abed Haddad

    I just wanna see a Snapdragon 810, 3 GB's of ram, stock Android phone running a 720p display to see it RAPE the iPhone…..Then I'll die in peace…

  8. Wyatt Pommier

    My iPhone 5 lags all the time when I scroll through app pages and open and close apps. I am going with the Galaxy S6 black. I saw the iPhone 6 and 6+ and I really don't see any upgrade over my iPhone 5, besides maybe less lag.

  9. Mr X

    I'm skeptical of all American comparisons I think all American developers will give a slight edge to iPhone because it is an American made product if you look at comparisons of other non American DEVELOPERS they seem more objectionable .IPhone is good but I wish these comparisons would stop being so iPhone centric.let iPhone be iPhone and Android be android.

  10. robert hedges

    Sorry but you I phone fans need to get a life! Bend gate junk my note 4 rules 151 gigs of storage and still faster then your I cap this guy is a bios apple eater .probably gets payed from them to shot all android phones down HTC m9 looks more like a I phone 6 any day of the week . He needs to go work for Apple him and cook might hook up lmao

  11. Verónica Zúñiga

    Guys, I understand John, he just can't go ahead and say the S6 is a much better device, have you seen a horde of furious Apple fanbois? Thats something to be concerned about. 

    An ofended Android fanboi may tell you "hey you are bias, this review is bs" but they return, an iPhone fanboi goes like "No way, this review is BS, the iPhone is better, un-suscribed!"

  12. 7teenageSmokers

    I have always been a iPhone user but I do like the look of the S6. I mainly use my iPhone 6 for filming and photography. I also like how third party companies make very great iPhone products. The Deathlens for the iPhone is amazing. It's cool the company started selling the Deathlens for the S4 & S5. Those phones just seem to lag too much for me.

  13. Merwyn Chan

    Fair review this time around John V., but you failed to mention another important feature that the S6 has over Iphone 6 and that is fast and wireless charging. Not to mention Samsung Pay which will work with existing card scaners…

    I disagree with you that are on equal terms. Clearly, I don't see any reason why one would choose a lesser phone, the Iphone 6 over the the superior one, the S6.

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