Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6: first look

Here comes our comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and what’s probably going to be its main rival for the following few months – the Apple iPhone 6.

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22 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6: first look”

  1. hieuniverse

    Sometimes having a smaller resolution screen saves battery and makes performance faster. 326 ppi is optimal for me because screen is still sharp without sacrificing too much battery. That's just me and I understand how people prefer a better and sharper hi res screen.

  2. alynkiddxx

    Honestly i prefer the iPhone , why? because it's simple and very easy to use , and samsung is trying to copy the iPhone , S6 looks like iphone 6 but much uglier

  3. Lingua Franca

    This is all of Steve's hands on Samsung, no doubt, accept the truth, Samsung reveals apple's innovation in many ways. Choice is yours! Go for either Samsung or Apple, no matter as long as you prefer one of them as your passion. To me, Samsung 6 really stands out of the crowd, no doubt at all.


    That phone is too reflective and a serious finger print magnet. I couldn't use it with all the light reflecting off it like that, and I don't know why folks don't just skip this thing and get the Note 4 instead.

  5. Nevro

    Had a iphone they freeze all the time the only good thing about iphones is that you can jailbreak them and both companies copy each other? Just remember androids will always be better in my own opinion. I forgot to mention who comes out with a phone that needs the original charging cable? Oh yeah apple does

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