Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 | SuperSaf TV

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 Review. A hands-on comparison of the iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6.

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 | SuperSaf TV”

  1. Eric P

    I got the Galaxy Note 5 and it's really snazzy, but they only thing I hate is frickin preloaded Samsung BS apps, I know you can root it and whatnot, but it would be nice if they could minimize all the frickin bloat ware or eliminate it altogether

  2. Ricardo Carvalho

    Personally I have a S6 and prefer Android, but as long as this Galaxy S / iPhone war exists, the better for the end user. It really makes both brands to push the limits and release some awesome products.

  3. Cyprez_

    Both are great phones. It's just your preference on iOS or Android. People like iOS for the simplicity, and its easy functional UI. I prefer Android simply because I like to screw around with my phone. Overclocking, installing a new OS, somewhat cheaper apps, etc. What it really comes down to, is what os you like best.

  4. Marco Maganuco

    Lol people are saying that it's not fair that the iPhone is out of date and to wait for the new one, but be honest. It's just gonna be the iPhone 6s with just camera improvements and maybe one new feature.

  5. Chris V

    Only reason I can't let go of Android, is the fact that I can download movies& music for free from third party apps like YouTube or pirate bay! & not having to go through ONE computer& dealing with iTunes as the primary way to manage my files.

  6. Burell Lawson

    I may make people mad by saying this but its something and the iPhone when you have it seems fast and more consistent then the s6. I have both of them but the iPhone just seems better.

  7. Rahul

    I have been using iPhone ever since they first came out. Just bought the s6 Edge and i love the way it feels and looks. The camera is so much better then iPhone.. But i have to honest i found many small bugs/crashes on the s6 which compare to iPhone 6 i used had very few. And the main issue on s6 edge is battery drain, doesnt even last half a day. I guess I'll wait for a update and use my iPhone 6. Overall both are great devices.

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