Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Bend Test vs iPhone 6S Plus!

Will The NEW Samsung Galaxy S7 Bend? New Galaxy S7 Edge Bend Test & 6S Plus Bend Test!

41 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Bend Test vs iPhone 6S Plus!”

  1. Unicorn Galaxy

    Why would you bend your phone? Maybe the Samsung phone broke easyer than the iPhone cause it was cracked and the iPhone wasn't. Plus the phones still work, you could of used them but you wasted your money and broke phones that people on the street would be happy to have cause they can't afford it. Please someone tell me why you would just bend your phone? Phones are expensive and not everyone can afford all the latest phones like you can and yet your breaking them.

  2. Infinitive

    thats unfair , i wanna see that s7 broken into tiny pieces , its dead anyway so i dosent matter , but tbh id give it to the 6s , it took the table and all those drop tests to crack

  3. Johnathan Hampshire

    It's way more profitable for Apple Inc. to design their products to be more fragile, then for them to be more durable. I mean, come on, who on there right mind would design the full housing and back cover of there products to be super thin and use cheap quality materials. ?

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