Samsung Galaxy S8: 5 Actual Hidden Tips + ONE SUPER SECRET Feature!

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In this video we will take a look at 5 Actual Hidden Features on the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ Plus and One Super Secret Hidden Menu.

Let’s dive in.

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8: 5 Actual Hidden Tips + ONE SUPER SECRET Feature!”

  1. Nope. AVI

    The first one is the only "hidden" setting. I say "hidden" because all phone companys have to know it to fix a phone and also the diagnostic devices need to know it.

  2. Stf Rzv

    That's not for s8 only. Its for any stock android phone to test all its features in case you buy a second hand phone. If its fake.. this menu won't be there..

  3. Jacob Klein

    Fyi. Bass is pronounced "base" like "the base of the lamp" and instead your actually talking about a fish the way you are pronouncing it so the correct way to pronounce bass is "base" and if you pronounce bass like it looks you are talking about a fish "bass" lol..

  4. Shuveer Seocharan

    I tapped one of those settings when I dialed the code and now I'm on a page showing 3 diff colour and I cant leave it. The only way I was able to leave was scrolling down the settings using my finger print scanner.

  5. Martin A. M. Erickson, III

    First big secret: who cares? sensors working if they perform, cameras working if they perform….etc. This is just a verification. Camera shutter button movement is in the main menus, too…I quit watching because it's like, um….DUH

  6. Gourav singlaa

    Dude these almost all features are available in samsung j2 2015 model and in all series…….. only two feature is not available is different audio for different apps and edge functions….

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