Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2018 – still worth buying?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been massively popular ever since its release just over a year ago… but is it still worth it in 2018, and should you buy it?

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35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2018 – still worth buying?”

  1. DeNNiS j C

    The purchased was well worth it. I love this phone. The video and picture are immaculately beautiful with crystal clear photo and videos. I will wait on S10 or future Samsung phone if there are enough innovation for me to upgrade in the future.

  2. MK 25

    Got mine the day it came out in 2017! However, its treated me well! No issues what so ever. I would totally recommend this phone even in 2019. I plan on using this phone till it falls apart.

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