Samsung Galaxy S8 OFFICIAL One UI Android 9.0 Pie Review!

Last in the S series, The Samsung Galaxy S8 Official One UI Android 9.0 Pie Review! S8 & S8 Plus Exynos / Qualcomm New features & Changes. Rollout in feb.

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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 OFFICIAL One UI Android 9.0 Pie Review!”

  1. Temptør Enthusiast Gaming

    Hi guys, is it worth it to buy a used Galaxy S8 from the Boost Mobile store? I really need a phone with a great video camera for my youtube channel, because my current videos are coming out grainy. So, used S8 from reputable source, worth it? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Silverripples

    I  find it a pitty that they have abandoned the Dual Camera mode shooting mode. I hope it comes back in a future update. Has anybody also noticed it? Samsung please add it again.

  3. Phangthima S.

    My galaxy S8+ has updated to this version, I try to make 2task in 1 time, ie google and youtube at the same time but I don't know how to do that for this version.
    Anyone advise?

  4. Tuong Lu Kim

    This software "update" is in fact a downgrade from the previous user interface. Why get rid of the professional UI? What's with trying to copy the icons to make it appeal to iPhone users? If I had only known how horrible and less responsive this new UI was, I would have never downloaded it in the first place. I only wished that I could revert back to the old UI.

  5. Rachel Tiller

    I do not care for this update. When I used to get a text message it would pop up and show me part of it and who sent it. Now it does not, even though the option is set for it in my settings.

  6. Felicia T

    -When you make whatsapp call, the screen must remain on, otherwise the call will stop 🙁
    -The multitasking becomes way more complicated
    -I cannot set full screen for the custom background on S Note
    Fix this pleaseee android
    But the rest of it is nice.

  7. 909Twodogs

    Hi everyone. I have the Galaxy S8 and my "accidental touch protection" doesn't work since this March 2019 update. Any suggestions?
    The pocket activations are driving me crazy !!

  8. alexisdeniro

    I hate it! So childish looking and it lags. My messages are so ugly with notifications! Cant swipe right or left to call or message in text messages. Just stupid.

  9. A.J B

    The worst software update EVER, it looks like 5 year old was designing. Ugly face with ugly icons! First of all, made my phone SLOWER !!!!!! All backgrounds are white, when phone call is coming takes too long to show who is calling. Can't change the background in the SMS. That's what I knew only after 4 h of updating. EATS MY BATTERIES LIKE CRAZY ! WHY would they take something good to make a look like a piece of crap ! I was loyal user of Samsung for so many years. This makes me so angry that I want to go and buy iphone ! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE OR YOU WILL REGRET LIKE I DO I WISH SOMEONE TOLD ME WHAT I KNOW NOW !!!

  10. Jade Graff

    Just installed on my S8+here in Canada, and it feels great in apps, everything feels a little faster, keyboard feels a little snappier.
    But when I go to multitasking window and to home screen, my phone often lags and gets very choppy, which was never an issue, in fact speed was never an issue at all before I updated.
    Anyone else having this issue?
    Other than that, the update is great, I love dark mode, love the gestures to replace the buttons at the bottom. Lots of potential here, but I fear this is an issue that will never be fixed as it is an S8+

  11. Steven Corbo

    the only thing I hate about this new UI is used to be able to put the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and it would go away I don't like the gestures because if you have a page open and you go to pull the gesture up if you can end up hitting something and end up going to the wrong place I've had that happen to me several times and if you keep the navigation bar up it no longer gives you the option to make it hide when you're not using it. I think they need to bring back the old navigation bar which disappears when you're not using it and as soon as you touch the screen comes back. I truly do hate the navigation bar and the gestures and I don't like having a full-time navigation bar just sitting on the screen without a disappearing it burns into your screen

  12. Jeremian Wong

    Wish they supported phones for longer than 2 years. I understand the process is very demanding and Samsung has way to many products to make updates for. But flagships should get a special treatment because after all, you are paying more.

  13. •ShadowGhost•

    I got the Pie update for my s8 just 4 days ago and it runs well I do have to say that I can't hide the navigation bar anymore only on full gesture mode (Sprint got they update for the s8 [Including Boost Mobile and Virgin])

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