Samsung Galaxy S8 Review After 2 Years – Still Worth it in 2019?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review After 2 Years – Worth it in 2019?
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44 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 Review After 2 Years – Still Worth it in 2019?”

  1. Temptør Enthusiast Gaming

    Hi guys, is it worth it to buy a used Galaxy S8 from the Boost Mobile store? I really need a phone with a great video camera for my youtube channel, because my current videos are coming out grainy. So, used S8 from reputable source, worth it? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Sonam Pakhrin

    I have Samsung galaxy s8 too I buy this on 6month ago and its performance very good I used it mostly of PUBG gaming. Prouplom is very heart to get screenguard beacouse of this edge. Other else I love it. ?????????♥️

  3. AESTHETIC Cosmopolitan

    it work really well with the android 9.0 update.
    However the camera is holding up poorly in comparison to the newer models. Other than the camera everything else is good.
    I think I will upgrade to samsung note 10 this year.
    However, galaxy s8 plus is a great phone even 2 years later, and it's very cheap compared to new flag ships.

  4. Jason King

    I still hate 18:9 ratio… looks like a small cricket bat. The old 16:9 was ideal… and.. bezels are necessarry to prevent accidental activations all the time…

  5. Urmo Vaher

    Fucking hell yea its worth it. Still got mine from the first day S8 came out. Absolutly 0 complaints. Im not going to upgrade untill this thing really dies and im sure it will last me years to come. Best phone ever. I dont get people who upgrade their phone every year. Bitch this phone is perfect why you need a new one?….

  6. Junaid Jamal

    Any scratch or crack will happen in this phone?????anyone please reply to me…. Plzz….. Also what is the price of this phone now in india or saudi arabia…. Anyone please say to me

  7. chujackam

    I have 2 questions:
    1. What about the optimiazion of the system ? Is it still smooth and fast like it was on the day you bought it ?
    2. Is the display still good ? Beause OLED displays are known for burn-ins…soooo, did you get any burn-ins on your display ?
    Thank you for your answers.

  8. CornRow Kenny

    Just got my s10. The s8 was an amazing phone but i got screen burn on it. Also the phone was very fragile and I cracked the screen from a 3 foot drop on hardwood.

  9. Monsieur Saintvil

    Watching on my s8. Still running smoothly. As with most s8 user battery life isnt great and that Bixby button gets in the way. Overall the s8 is still better than most midrange phones coming in 2019.

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