Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2017!
Bluetooth 5.0 Explained:
Galaxy S8 skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Baby by 20syl


Phone provided by Samsung for review.

50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?”

  1. 7200itnoel

    2019 and this phone is still impressive and elegant!
    I had a hard time deciding whether to upgrade to note9 or not because the s8plus was still sooooo good and it felt unnecessary to upgrade.
    … i still bought the note9 tho but s8plus still has a special place in my heart <3

  2. Vismay Dharod

    Coming back two years later, well it was an ultimate smartphone. People still use this phone and but it as a mid ranger and are having absolutely no problems.

  3. Cyro 361

    Don't you think Samsung should have had a left and right variation for left hand people And right hand ppl for the fingerprint scanner

  4. milton

    Hey. Everyone has been talking about the reach of the fingerprint reacher. Get used to it. I have used it for 3days. No problem

  5. Spam

    The fingerprint sensor is literally the perfect position for me. I have small hands but I've always held the phone around the middle, not the bottom like it seems you do, so my finger doesn't have to stretch to reach the sensor. Feels like a very natural position and placement to me. Holding the phone any lower down makes it feel top heavy anyway. So yeah, fingerprint sensor is in the perfect place in my opinion.

  6. 45 auto

    Lots of times people forget their phone and need to make a call. I say here use mine. Their first words are Wow, this is a really nice phone. I say yeah, its a Galaxy S8.

  7. Ashish Jain

    mahn i am confused
    suggest me what should i go for
    s7 edge or s8
    i only watch videos and i need a good camera
    so please suggest me which 1 i go for

  8. ethan0248910

    I remember watching s8 videos almost 2 years ago in preparation to buy it. Now I'm about to get the s10. Nuts how time flies. Also, all this time I didnt know you could extend the screen shot hahaha!

  9. 64 bit

    I can't believe how far Samsung has come in 2 years from near bezel-less to completely bezel less ( well minus the camera cutout 😀 ).

  10. Aoid jao

    All of these reviewers they dont have perfect phone….and thats bs because there is no really perfect in this world. People dont get contented for what we have. Even us were not perfect.

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