Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Welcome to the massive Samsung Galaxy S8 Review. This might be the longest video I’ve ever uploaded. Will you be buying the Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is likely the current Android champ but no smartphone is perfect… In this review I aim to show you the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S8. The goal with this review is to give you as much information as possible.

This review should apply to both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus as I’m referencing both throughout. The Only difference between the S8 and S8 Plus is screen size and battery size.

Thanks for watching my Samsung Galaxy S8 review!

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45 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 Review”

  1. Darron Green

    This is the first I'm comment on one of all your video's I watch but I must say I love this review ? looking forward to see more videos like this exact one good,not so good otherwise known as ugly ??

  2. Soundwave _

    just got my g5 traded in for one of these bad boys, im eating cereal. legit. i have some real issues with fruity pebbles, they always get super mushy

  3. leoric21

    the title is "Samsung Galaxy S8 Review" but in the description you call it s8 plus.
    then you go back and between S8 and S8 plus.

    Love your channel and content but this is your worst video ever.
    I know you can do better then this crap.

  4. isaac805

    This video is the reason i got the s8+ but i was a galaxy fanboi so i got the iphone x, kept it for a year, and i am not trading it in for a galaxy s10 lol what a time for smartphones

  5. Ryan Olsen

    Ha. S8+ 2-28-19. It's still snappy fast and GREAT! NOTE 12 will be my next upgrade. I love my s8+! Such a fast no lag phone. To this day. I hope they do away with s10 hole punch by the 12. No punch for me. Peace!

  6. サム

    Hey should I buy A regular S8 or a S8 plus
    I like more display but not so big that dosen't keep in my hand
    Also that I am a power user
    Is the battery so big that I can run with it through a day?

  7. Blake Miles

    The reason it does not have dual speakers is because of the headphone jack and i dont know about you but i would like to have just one speaker and a headphone jack instead of no headphone jack.

  8. Doug Brown

    With regard to the screen aspect ratio, we just need a forehead and a chin with some decent speakers in them and some bezels to protect the edge of the screen and it would be perfect. I am sort of serious. The Note 4 screen to forehead ratio were perfect and it was a helluvalot more durable than the stupidass infinity screen which everyone is either covering up with an Otterbox Defender or they're having replaced.

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