Samsung Galaxy S8 – Unboxing & First Look! (4K)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Orchid Grey Unboxing & First Look!
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41 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 – Unboxing & First Look! (4K)”

  1. Jorge Iglesias

    This guy is so cringy and annoying. Not the kind of review I was looking for. Having head phones on I used to hear alot of his sounds he did with his mouth. CRINGYYYYYY

  2. Superior Forces

    I have the s8 myself, one minus is that there is only 1 speaker on the device. It may not seem too major, but for someone who uses the device often, a speaker on the other side of the device would balance the sound, making it sound better. The S9 has dual speakers and a dual back camera. Why didn't we get this for the s8?

  3. Rudy Rodriguez

    I had this phone and it was absolute crap. wifi randomly disconnects. lag, text messages would not send. not going back to samsung phones. switched to the iphone 8 plus and I love it. sorry samsung

  4. Seth Reeves

    At the beginning of the video it said I will tell you the truth because I obviously bought it with my own money but if you to to the videos on the right when you look at the different videos at the top it says shop”samsung s8 price”. Sponsored.

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