Samsung Galaxy S9+: 3 Months Later

Spoiler alert: It still looks amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review –

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38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9+: 3 Months Later”

  1. DragonHeadz

    Still used S8 plus start from April 2017 until now..i love my s8 plus..before used s8 plus i used ip7 plus..i sold my ip7 plus to buy s8 me s8 plus is a good phone..very good if compare to ip7 plus..that why i didnt upgrade to s9 plus..maybe next year i want upgrade to s10/s10 plus or what ever samsung name they upcoming s10 next year..?

  2. B15

    I love Samsung native app and i think wishing for them to go is stupid a least you have included alternatives so it doesn't matter that much.

  3. Lunar Viking

    You look like a 90's chick…
    I will get my S9+ this week. I really wanted the S9 but there was a deal that made S9+ cheaper then the S9.
    So…big phone…but it has 6 gigs of ram, dual sim and dual cameras. So it will be my daily driver for atleast 2 years.
    Well, until iPhone brings pure dual sim to their phones.

  4. J V

    Good review
    But for me what make Samsung special are the apps
    I love the keyboard , the messaging app ( allow to schedule sms ) , the email app is the only email app that looks like the iPhone , very simple and functional
    I love you review but Samsung is not just because the hardware but the software too

  5. Marco Tschilar

    The seconde camera of the 9+ is not for portrait with blured background only, its a 2x zoom Camera, nobody really mention that. I think a 2x zoom can be quite useful for some situations.
    Through the viewfinder for portrait mode? Where's the viewfinder?

  6. NutNbutSpeed

    Portrait mode is a waste of time, they should have added the wide angle camera from the LG V30 but with IOS on all cameras. The keyboard, I disagree because I really enjoy it. Also, the camera is old tech, but with some improvements. Imo, Samsung should have a 16MP camera@16:9 by now. There are other phone manufacturers like Sony surpassing them but they keep reusing old tech. Speaking of old tech, you know what's old too but nobody talks about…the Quickcharge capability. It uses the old Quickcharge 2.0 vs the newer 3.0 not to mention 4.0 is coming out soon too.

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