Samsung Galaxy s9: 8 Months Later.. Slowing Down?

Is the Samsung Galaxy s9 still worth buying in 2019? If you’ve been following my tech journey, you know that the Galaxy s9 was my first experience with a Samsung device. It was also my first flagship android device. Fast forward 8 months, how has the device held up and is it still worth picking up in 2019? This is my experience and recommendation.

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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy s9: 8 Months Later.. Slowing Down?”

  1. Yaseen Unes

    Recently updated my s9 software and it started becoming a lil slower than before . Is just me or is this happening to everyone's s9 .. similarly before wen i had iPhone after the update my battery went down drastically on my iPhone 6s+,,, I think updates are making phones less user friendly , so that u will go n buy a new phone ,,, i realy like s9 but this would suck , if it would become slower than before ,, wish i didn't do the update

  2. OctaineBG

    I have s9+ from 4 months. I got it 1 dec. I cant complain about anything 🙂 very good phone it will last 2 years with ease. But im gonna change it after 1 year

  3. David Martrano

    I have & use the s9plus. It's a great performer. With 6gb's it never lags or stutters. The display is great along with the stereo speakers. I did try out the 10+ at Verizon and loved it. But I'm on the fence about the pill shaped punch hole. I enjoy the cleaner display. But I do like the 8gb's of ram & 128gb's of storage and the 4100mamp battery. But in 2019 I still recommend the s9 & plus because of the cheaper prices. There is nothing wrong with a year old phone!

  4. Jesse N

    Well I have a phone in the Samsung 9 series.. I have the Note 9! I'm loving it so freaking much. Amazing phone 🙂 I am new to your channel btw! Loving your channel too!!

  5. anfall28

    I have one year whit my s9 and i love it. Still be perfect. Great display, amazing camera, elegant and beatiful design. Just low battery.
    But one year later i feel exactly how the first day, cero lag and no problems.
    it has nothing to envy to the new smartphones, except for the sliding phones that are all screen, reason for i want the mix 3

  6. SarfrazConrad

    I have a S9 in coral blue, very happy with the phone. I didn't get the plus version as I think larger phones for the most part are impractical. Battery life could be better, but it hasn't diminished over time.

  7. quinn logan

    Still love my s9+ but really leaning towards getting the 10 just because but I'm keeping my 9 but the Galaxy phones are getting to large and even with the new os still issues but I love the phones and will probably never go back


    Hey … first of all I'm a huge fan…
    And yes I use a s9plus sunrise gold .. it's been 6 months …hear and there sometimes it lags… once in blue moon… other than than… I love the phone …. oh yeah… hate Bixby and ar emoji…

  9. Sandy Bee

    I got my s9 plus last year and so happy I transitioned from iphone to android. The only thing I dont like is that I cant customize the background when you text ( my friends S8, gives her this option) . But other than that, I love it.

  10. Blossom

    I currently own an iPhone 7, (just a 7, not a plus) and I was thinking about buying an s9+. This really helped me out, although a lot of people would rather an iPhone, I’m probably gonna buy the Samsung, definitely in the lilac color! 🙂 Plus, I don’t take a lot of pictures other than screenshots, so if the camera isn’t as good as the iPhone 7 (which it looks WAY better imo,) it wouldn’t be a problem. I do watch a lot of videos and use up my phone battery pretty quick, but with school and everything I’m not on my phone as much as most people besides social media and stuff, and I’m usually able to charge it at night or when I get home, so it’s not a big issue. My cousin owns this phone and she says I’m going to need a case that protects both the back and my screen, and I’ll definitely buy one because I’m pretty clumsy. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting this one!

  11. Eliandro Rochel

    I'm thinking of buying one this year, with your resume being even more excited about it.

    Thank you.

    Brazil – Santa Catarina

    Estou pensando em comprar um esse ano, com seu resumo esto ainda mais empolgado para isso.

    Brazil – Santa Catarina

  12. Muzammil Latif

    My s9 is honestly one of the best phones i have seen, its totally great and comfortable for you the camera result is amazing as long as you know how to take a good pic but the front camera is not so good because of the beauty mode.
    Ui update is quite good even thoigh i didn't like the icons so i simply just changed the theme to the simpler icons and its really good.

  13. David Martrano

    I use the s9+ and the performance has been great. No stutters or lags. The display is the absolute best. Plus the 6gb's & stereo speakers are wonderful to have. Very much still enjoy everyday & I always look forward to using it! And on Black Friday got for 529.00 with Verizon, a deal I could not refuse! A very honest review, thanks!

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