Samsung Galaxy S9 How to Disable Bixby! (Official- No Mods)

Bixby how to turn off and disable for Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus. How to disable the Bixby Button Key and Bixby Home. Also works on Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

35 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 How to Disable Bixby! (Official- No Mods)”

  1. catfish Johnson

    Bixby is an irritating bitch made by people that want other people to make their decisions for them. Imagine how stupid a "siri button" would sound to rational people.

  2. ron g

    How do you totally disable the updated Bixby ?
    It came back on with the new updates.
    …Only option now, seems to be , click on the double click button.
    Did Samsung take out the, total disable option?

  3. Donáth Szamosi

    Hey, i did all what you said and it was good. Than the phone refresh itself and now in the bixby key i can not turn off bixby i only can choose between double or simple push. Do you have any idea how to kill it?

  4. Doc Mengele

    Bless you for this vidieo. The whole bixby thing is annoying but that Bixby Key? You pay an assload for the phone and they force feed you this Garbage?

  5. Robert Small

    Love Samsung phones – usually just disable or delete the bloatware . However – I'm with the 96% who don't want or care for Bixby so allow me to delete please

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