Samsung Galaxy S9 long-term review

After 3 months of using the Galaxy S9 as a daily driver, the verdict is in. See how good (or bad) this phone is.

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 long-term review”

  1. True Seeker

    s9+ was striped by samsung by steeling video pro mode after update so if
    you want to buy it because of it… don't. s10 also does not have it…
    so go to some other smartphone labels…. they trick and lied to sell

  2. Birău Cătălin

    For those who have the S9, what has been your battery experience so far? I feel that mine is draining super fast. (Might the fact that I'm using the DUOS model, with two sim cards on affect it so much?)

    Would love to hear your opinions and any advices.

  3. Jon Lucas

    We just upgraded our S5's to S9's, and there are many improvements. Battery life is greatly improved, screen and camera resolution are really great, operating system is much faster, and changing memory chips doesn't require opening the case. I may have missed something, though, and that is file management is VERY clunky, even to the point of frustration. Has anyone else experienced that ?

  4. Jupp Soetebier

    No notch, so it's a winner for me. And here we are in March of 2019 and I can get this phone with a trade in on my ancient iPhone 6+ and a free fast charging wifi unit directly from Samsung for $599. What's not to like about that? Can you tell me if they fixed the glitches in the software you talked about since last August?

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