Samsung Galaxy S9 One UI Update: Android 9 Pie + New Features!

Samsung’s One UI brings HUGE software changes to the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, along with the latest Android 9 Pie! More @

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 One UI Update: Android 9 Pie + New Features!”

  1. Rickcn GAMES

    8.0 was better my samsung got an update too it said android pie but i am forced to update it. Sad
    Ok i updated it. My phone is a6 plus. After updating it my phone became much slower i also experience more lag and stutter. Sucks to have snapdragon 450

  2. N Bee

    I don't need any of it. I have small hands so I'll never be able to use any one handed crap. I hate rounded edges. I'll never use split screen. And fuck Bixby! I'm stuck with a constant notification that the update is available and now it's becoming obtrusive. Interrupting me when I'm in the middle of working on my phone. Wtf, Samsung? I don't want this BS update!!

  3. xSWx WAR LORD

    I'm not a fan to be honest the entire system feels fast and smooth and I'm thankful absolutely but there is something about the bubble design that is throwing me for a loop where it feels cartoonish and not what I would expect from Samsung but more on the lines of LG or apple idk mabey just me

  4. VladimirM

    I am having an issue with this update, I have my mobile data turned on but it just allows me to recieve messages (not photos) and i can not send anything it is very annoying as i do not have wifi at the place where i work

  5. Silverripples

    I dislike that Samsung has removed the Dual Camera shooting mode! I own a Samsung Note 9 and an S8 plus, neither have this anymore. I hope they bring it back in a following update.

  6. Jäger Best

    Okay so with this new update does anybody know how to get rid of the navigation bar when using an app? There used to be a button on the bar you would press to get rid of the bar itself then just slide upwards to bring it back. With the new update that button is gone and now I have no clue how to get rid of the navigation bar.

  7. Hank Goodness

    So thankful that Samsung removed all manual video settings from my S9 after owning it for only 90 days. My expensive new video camera is now useless. Can't even do a simple exposure lock. I am livid.

  8. Missy

    TOP NOTCH REVIEW Alex ! You've gotten all the essentials into 6.55 in a clear and concise manner whilst other channels waffle on about irrelevant chit chat for 15 to 30 mins with ads in Abundance ! I'm downloading the Update as I type and totally love my S9+ as I did the S5 and Ace 3 before that. Much Gratitude, liked and subbed !

  9. AttyEK

    I don't like the icons, they are too childish, and they over did it with the rounded edges. Other then that starting to get ueed to it.

  10. APOGEE

    Filming in Pro mode with manual camera settings and custom image profile is no longer available because there is no record button there. Has anyone figured out how to do it?

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