Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus "Real Review"

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus “Real Review”
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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus "Real Review"”

  1. lyles music

    Does the screen recording on the mate 20 Pro have the same audio quality as an iPhone because I tried third-party screen recording on my different Android devices and the sound quality sounds so cheesy and tingey it doesn't have the capacity of the iPhones sound quality

  2. somxstyles

    Hey floss I'm upgrading from the galaxy s8 to either Galaxy S9+ or Huawei P20 pro, and getting the s10 later on this year, what do you think?

  3. Austin Hooper

    Hey… flossy Carter you said "the prize is way to G*D* high, 4 to 5 times…??haha,lol! You are "Mad cool brother",????, love you bro?, God bless you flossy Carter, have a wonderful blessed day. In JESUS name amen!

  4. Dave Norman

    Upgraded from pixel xl. Now, a week down the line. And no regrets at all. The pixel 3 xl was just too pricey. And somehow didnt convince me. Imo the s9+ keyboard types easier. Maybe the s9 plus, 18 months on, will have slowed. But I can allow for this. So far it has done all the basic stuff, as well, even better in some cases, than the Pixel. Luving the s9 plus bright, bright, screen.

  5. BabyDonZie

    Thank you for this video, it helped me make my choice. I have small hands and I have been debating on which one I should buy. I was going and buy the s9 because of the size but something about the s9+ got my attention. I prefer it but was worried about the big size and my small hands. I have been watching reviews to get a little help till I came across yours. #Newsub

  6. R Cmdr

    Hell yeah.
    I rant about the IR blaster to everybody. I think every phone since the galaxy S5 has actually been a downgrade with a better camera. I was in the middle of soldering a connection for an external 2.4ghz antenna to my S5 when I heard you go off about IR blasters. Copy that. One can take control of so many devices with the right type of coding and even wreak harmless havoc if one uses their imagination. That S5 is the best and toughest phone Ive ever used. I recently to replace the digitizer glass. It was fucked up. Spiderweb cracks, edges bent inward , huge chucks of screen missing around home button and forward facing camera. Should have seen it. Thing is, everything still worked and was responsive. It was merely a cosmetic fix. Its rooted and I run a few Linux platforms on it, use it as a web and proxy server, a REMOTE CONTROL! and other wave transmitter/receiver (why I was at the soldering table) and I still make calls when I need to with it. Im gonna die with that S5 in my pocket.

  7. Uchiha Madara

    An hour video with 1080p 60fps quality.. sharp though but way too long… Already subscribed to ur channel but try cutting down your next videos please.. thanks

  8. Uchiha Madara

    Bro your videos are too long!!!. It's crazy.. nobody wants to sit down for an hour watching your videos.. please try cutting down your next videos.. I beg you

  9. J-Anderson Tech Savvy

    For all Samsung Galaxy devices running Oreo 8.0 and later…
    Add all your apps to always sleep you will still receiving real-time notifications and updates but it won't run in the background all the time (Device maintenance and hit battery you'll see the option at the bottom.

    I try it with my Galaxy Tab A 2017 it's crazy smooth and performance is great

  10. Anyssia Brown

    New sub. Love the honest reviews?? Sidenote: you can also screen record on the s9 and s9+. You have to hold down the performance button, click on games, exit out, swipe up, click the screen record button, but unlike Apple, it catches your voice as well.

  11. missdiva421

    I'm very late to the upgrade party… Just ordered a Lilac S9 Plus after having a Oneplus 3. The last Samsung phone I had was the Note 2… so I really appreciate His Majesty, King Flossy Carter's wonderfully superb review?????

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