Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review – A phone with no compromises?

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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32 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review – A phone with no compromises?”

  1. A J

    Great video helpful with purchasing decision! Thanks! Oh can I use led light dot instead of the edge light notification? In night time edge light notification might be too bright

  2. gracefulgracie

    My galaxy s7 edge is wonderful but recently it just hasn't been functioning. Our store has an offer for 2 S9s, one for free. I'm considering if I'm able to, to get the s9 because smaller phones are harder to use for me. Thanks for this wonderful review of the pros and cons. I don't think I'll be using the apple like emotes they have, sort of creepy haha. The two windows open seems easier to use too.

  3. Saraswati8882

    Hi there, why did you touch twice at 3:50, yeah thats what i am talking you,

    S9plus touch screen is not great, most times it requires touch twice, WHY ?
    Its really annoying, can u please test and review.

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